Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homeschool in the Park

Yesterday the weather was nice so I decided to load up my girls and take them to the park for homeschooling lessons. I remember when I was in middle school Mr. Johnson, my science teacher, would take us outside when it was a more challenging lesson. It always helped us focus!
Mom met us at the park and we went for a nice walk.
Afterwards it was home, deliveries and cooking dinner. I watched Eat, Pray, Love...it was amazing! At 11p.m. we went to Wal-Mart and then drove around and looked at Christmas lights. I love that about homeschooling and me not working...we can do fun things like that at night and if we sleep in, it's ok!
We got a late start this morning..very late! But we visited Mom, went to Ross for a dress I wanted but they had the wrong size on the right hanger...hate when that happens! Afterwards, Bath and Body Works for hand sanitizers, H-E-B for a few items and back home for me to cook dinner! The first thing we did this morning...or afternoon! HA! was go to Game Stop and get Lena and CC Just Dance 2 for Wii. They are dancing their butts off right now... Lena is dripping sweat!! I love it!!! That is exactly what I had hoped for!



Your girls look like they love being outside for their schoolwork. That is one great thing about homeschooling you have so much flexibility. I saw Eat,Live Pray too and enjoyed it. Have a great day.

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