Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Thursday

Last night we went to Mom to pick up some stew and cornbread she made. It was sooooo good! Just what we needed on these cold evenings! We stayed at her house until a little past 11! I can't believe I made my mom stay up that late!! But we had a good time chatting and watching tv. And her baby, Ms. Bella, was so happy to see the girls.... Mom said Bella was mad at her all day because Mom changed the sheets on the bed. Bella wouldn't come inside and growled and hissed at mom when mom would walk past her! Bella is something else!
Today I slept in til 10 a.m.! I can't believe it! But I needed the rest.. and Papa Bear did too! Lena and I ran to HEB to get some groceries and we just may have stopped by a certain BBQ place and ate a chopped BBQ sandwich and had a portion of brownies...maybe!
I came home and started on the Russian potato salad and Mom came over in the after noon. When we were at Lisa's house on Sunday I saw the cutest Russian Nesting Doll soap dispenser and she said she got it at Home Goods. So when Mom came we went to go look for one, I thought it would be perfect in my kitchen. No luck!! But at World Market I did find lots of Russian nesting doll (matryoshka) things.
This set of 4 plates were $24.99. I told Papa Bear I HAVE to have them!! Y'all have seen my perfect would they go in it?
Then I saw these stackable glass THESE are a must have...even Papa Bear agreed on that! I am sure these will make it home to me very soon!!
And I love these napkin holders. I don't really use napkins but for $10 I sure could start!
We used to love this eggplant tomato sauce that Emeril made but then all of a sudden the stores just quit selling it. At World Market I found this.... and my goodness it is wonderful!
When we came home Papa Bear made lamb shishkebobs and we had that with the Russian potato salad. Then Lena challenged me to checkers....where she kicked my butt!
Next I played CC and won the first game and she beat me the second game. I actually got the girls in bed at a decent hour and now I have time (and quiet) to blog! Yay!!! This doesn't happen much!
I need to go clean my room..haha! I sound like a ten year old! But I need to do it. There are stacks of folded clothes on my bed and my dresser. I am so happy tomorrow is the weekend. It has been so nice and cold during the evenings and I love it! I think I will finally buy some firewood for tomorrow night! The girls love it and so do I! My nephew is coming here to play his final HS football game Saturday night. I can't wait to bundle the girls up and cheer him on. Other than plans. Are any of y'all getting cooler weather yet? What plans do y'all have for the weekend?



Looks like you had a fun filled day. Those plates and stuff are really cute.


Your nesting dolls stuff is so very cute. Sounds like a great time playing checkers. Have a great weekend.

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