Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been a while since I've been able to participate in Five Question Friday....I always try to sneak over and read some of the responses even if I didn't get to join the party!!

The questions this week are fun..they are always fun.... but I really liked this weeks questions... so let's go!


1. If you could have any talent and turn it into an occupation, what would it be?

I have always wanted to make lamp shades or pillows and aprons. Always...I can't sew at all but this has always been what I feel bursting inside of me that I need to do.

2. Would you rather have a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods?
This is hard.... I would love the sound of the beach but hate the humidity and I would LOVE the peacefulness of the woods but HATE the bugs! I guess it would honestly be the cabin in the woods!

3. Is there any meaning or reasoning for the names you chose for your child/children?
Sierra Rayne... my mother picked CC's first name. Emil and I were young when we had her and she pretty much told us if we wanted to continue to live with her we had to name her Sierra. I wanted to name her Waverly or Arden...I really liked Arden. And her middle name, Rayne, was the name of one of my best friends in high school.

Yelena (Lena) Marie.... Yelena was my husbands grandmother's first name and Marie is my mothers middle name.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

ohhh... I don't know... ok I do. I love to watch people try to walk in heels. You can tell who knows how to walk in them and who doesn' doesn't take long to find out. And I love looking at model homes for decorating ideas! Doesn't everyone?

5. Do you live in a house that is deep cleaned or straightened?

We're at #5 all ready? That was fast!!! Straightened during the week and deep cleaned on the weekends. I can't stand dirty kitchen floors, so those usually get mopped each night when the girls are in bed! And I have to dust almost daily because of Toby's shedding!


This is looking to be a busy Friday for us. I plan to make beef stew tonight.... And buy some firewood. I can't wait to get my fireplace going! I love the smell...the sounds... the smile and awe on my girls faces. We love to play either Life or Clue in front of the fireplace and drink hot cocoa....I guess it's kind of become a winter tradition!



Loved getting to know more about you.


Love your post. What a great and interesting one. :)


LOL I am one of those people who does not know how to walk in high heels lol. I would probably break an ankle if I tried.

Bloggin in PA

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog!

I dont mind the humitity at the beach! As long as there is a pool or the ocean to cool off in! And I would be one of the people in heels that you would be laughing at!!


Hi April,

Thanks for visiting my blog! We have a lot in common including our names. :-) I think Sierra is a beautiful name, but I understand that it would have been nice for you to decide. We're having beef stew too... lol...

Have a great weekend!


Thank you Swiffer--I also dust every day, but I kind of like it! Thanks for stopping by.

Donna @ The House on the Corner

Love your guilty pleasure!! Hilarious!!! I know the next time I see someone walking in heels, I'll pay more attention - and chuckle a little ;-)

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