Friday, November 12, 2010

Final Friday??

We girls decided this morning we wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. A new park opened up not far from our house so we loaded Luigi up and we were on our way.
This was our first time coming to this park and we were so excited to see they had a doggie park!
Luigi made friends fast and was enjoying sniffing around and investigating without a leash!
All was well until a big blue pit bull ran up to him and started fighting. Both dogs were on their back legs fighting.... All the other dog owners ran up and tried to get their dogs out of the way. Luigi just kept trying to run off but the pit bull was chasing him. Eventually the pit bull's owner started yelling at him to go to him. I had had enough and put Luigi's leash back on him and went for a walk.
The trails are so pretty and covered with huge thick trees. I saw many, many crape myrtles!
Some areas were still blocked off and we saw workers there planting more trees around the entrances. I think this has become my favorite park by far!
I even found a cactus there that was taller than me. I took a picture by it but I was wearing Papa Bear's sunglasses and it was not very flattering!
Here and there we could see little spots of color left.
I love the all the natural features!

We walked until our legs hurt! It was really very refreshing!
We are expecting rain the next few days but if there is a dry spell I am going to sneak back to the park and try to find some peace of mind.
The girls loved it! Luigi loved it!! I loved it!!! I need to try to get Papa Bear there now!
Our final photo.....
We came home from the park and finished up the day's work. Just when I though yesterdays phone call couldn't make things worse... it seems like it did! Well, not exactly that phone call per se but the whole reason these changes happened is back in the picture... big time! Today was a hard day. It's had more time to sink in and I've been pretty down. It's so hard to try to stay positive and upbeat and be a mom and a wife when all I want to do in sink down in my bed and cry...just cry and cry until there are no tears left....cry until this ache in my throat and my heart eases up. I hate waiting and there is NOTHING I...we... can do but wait. It's hard, especially when you don't really know what you're waiting for.
This is not the first time this has happened to us. It's actually the third time..and if you consider what we learned today it will be the fourth time. It's just this time it's on a much grander...a scale. This is THE BIG ONE....the scary one...the one I dreaded. Each time it happened before I listened to this song by Jo Dee Messina.... I always found comfort in it.
You better believe this has been playing non-stop on my iPod and on iTunes since yesterday....
When I explain more in a future post you will understand the title of this one better...



Bud and I are always hiking and walking the weekends. These shots are beautiful. There is nothing like a walk in the woods, and you captured it beautifully. Thanks so much for your comments about the old pink trailer. You spoke my thought beautifully. I cannot help but wonder who bought or enter it and what their lives were like while living there. It really does appear not to have been lived in in years. Genie


Sweet April...

First these are gorgeous pictures. Love them all.

Second...remembering the lyrics to the sweet song below has helped me during my adult life. I pray it bless you. xoRebecca PS: Happy PINK SATURDAY!

Beth Barnard

Little flowers never worry
When the wind begins to blow.
And they never, never cry
When the rain begins to fall.

Oh, it’s wet and oh so cold,
Soon the sun will shine again.
Then they’ll smile unto the world,
For their beauty to behold.

When the clouds begin to gather
And the storm begins to blow,
Little flowers don’t complain,
Though they’re tossing to and fro.

Oh, I guess they’ve learned the secret,
They don’t fret because they know,
If it never, never rained,
Then they’d never, never grow.

So, let it rain, let it rain, let it pour,
Little trouble keep on knocking at my door,
If we’ll learn the right from wrong,
It will help to make us strong.

Lord, please help us learn the secret,
Even little flowers know,
If it never, never rains
Then we’ll never, never grow.

Vintage Linen Treasures

Hi April,
You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. One of these days, I would LOVE to meet you for coffee. I'll definitely give you a jingle when I'm feeling a little better. (We do live so close! I'm at 1604 & Culebra)

I read through this post and your last post. I hope that "the phone" call doesn't involve anyone's health. I pray that whatever it is, will keep you all together and, as you say, give you a happy new beginning.
Patricia :o)


Happy Pink Saturday!
Looks like a wonderful park!!

Have a blessed weekend:))

Kay Ellen


April. I am so sorry you are going through a hard time. I know all to well the dread of the unknown that comes along with such times, been there done that many times, and it still comes on when another situation come up. I pray God gives you peace as you await His leading. Feel free to write if you need to talk.
Thank you for visiting Big Horn Mountain Creations this morning. I have been making all of my grand kiddos gifts for the last 11 years, but now they are getting big and well, you know how teens are. Grin. Plus Nana is running out of ideas. The slippers are turning out good, am happy with the results and they have helped keep the bill down, since I can use left over fabrics.
Sending Hugs

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