Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Dinner & Date Night

This past weekend was pretty slow. I have to admit I kind of like relaxing weekends with not much on the agenda!
Saturday Papa Bear and I had to run to the mall for some deliveries and then the girls and I took Luigi back to the dog park.
He's really getting more social and runs around and plays with the other dogs. There was a great dane goodness it was beautiful! And there was a St. Bernard. I can't help it, I just think of Cujo when I see it!!
After the park we came home and wrestled with what to do for dinner. Papa won nice on a lottery ticket and wanted to take his girls out for dinner. I think after the past few days we could all have used it! They first decided on sushi but that got to be pretty expensive... so we all agreed on BBQ!! It's a favorite of ours anyway! After dinner at Grady's we dropped the girls off at mom and Papa Bear and I went to one of my favorite places......
It was such a cool, crisp night. I wanted so badly to get some coffee but we were so stuffed from dinner I don't think we would have been able to fit any coffee in!! After browsing the sale section for books (I can't fathom paying over $30 for a book when I can wait and see it on sale or buy it cheaper on eBay or!) I found The 19th Wife. I had heard about this one and immediately picked it up! It sounded good but just didn't feel right. So I kept looking. Papa Bear found a book that looked interesting and asked me if I read the cover... I hadn't but I had glanced over it and the cover was intriguing! I kept looking back at it and finally went over to read the jacket...and I took it home! A Wedding in December was JUST the type of book I was looking for! Truth be told... I think I might go back and pick up The 19th does sound too good to pass up...especially at only $6.98!
Sunday was nice... didn't do much. Got the girls from mom and visited with her a bit. We came home, Papa Bear and I had to go back to both malls. Close to 11pm CC decided she needed a hot apple pie from Whataburger. So of course we! And that pretty much wraps up my weekend.
I cannot even believe Thanksgiving is next week! Seriously....where did Novemeber go? No...where did this year go?? I was reading through my Google Reader and one blogger mentioned her family was flying in next Monday for Thanksgiving so I was wondering why so early? Then I realized today is the 15th and next Monday will be the 22nd..and my goodness December starts the week after that!! Time is flying like crazy!
And Mr. Toby has found a new thing to I am not too happy about!!
Oh yes, he lays on the TV in my room. That wouldn't be so bad but he then walks over and tries to jump on the chest of drawers and play with the flower arrangements. I've got some really pretty Bohemian vases and I am terrified he's going to knock them down and break them! You should have seen me trying to get him off yesterday morning...he was running from side to side...and so was I! He finally jumped down to the floor. Now I have to find some way to block him off!!
There is always something with that cat!



It sounds like you all had one busy weekend. I've heard good things about the 19th wife and $6.98 is a really great price. Hope you have a great week.

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