Thursday, November 18, 2010

Relaxing at Home

The weather has finally started getting cooler!! I LOVE when the air has a crisp chill to it and you have to put on that extra layer of clothing! Heck...I love that I can wear Texas it's a big deal!!! It's so warm here so much of the year I practically live in flip flop at least nine months out of the year! So to have to put socks on with my closed toe shoes means cooler temps have arrived!! And I love it!!

We haven't done much outside the house this week. I love just staying in and not doing much. I bought a can of sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Well, Lena found my marshmallows, lit my candle and.....

my sweet baby started "roasting" marshmallows....

This is one of her most favorite things to do!!

I'm not exactly an outdoor camping type of person, I don't think anyone here is, so this is as close to real roasted/toasted marshmallows as she's gonna get!

Oh she loved it!! I made sure she brushed her teeth extra well that night!

When the weather gets cooler I want to cook and bake. I didn't have the ingredients needed to make anything sweet, so we opted for rice crispies instead!

I added a little pink sugar on top.... The girls LOVED it!!

And Lena found another use for her marshmallows! If she keeps this up I'm going to have to make a trip to the store for another bag!!

I get so tired of making the same things every morning for breakfast. And honestly, I would like someone to make ME breakfast once in a while! But...since that's not happening I wanted to try something a little different to see if everyone would like it!

I bought two boxes of Betty Crocker's Loaded Casserole scalloped potatoes and a small package of cubed ham.

I mixed the potatoes according to the package directions and just threw that ham in. Once the potatoes were ready I sprinkled some shredded cheddar cheese on top and let it melt in.

It was a success. Everyone loved it and it kept everyone full most of the day. My only complaint was that the ham made it a little salty. But other than that it was soooo good. It definitely reminded me of a breakfast I would have had growing up in the country. My goodness.. I love southern comfort food!!

Veronica called me the other day to tell me my Scentsy items had come in. However, with that stupid phone call we received exactly a week ago today I just haven't had the desire to do much outside the house. I mean seriously, some days I don't even get out of my pj's!

But today Mom came over and we went to pick it up and then stop by Starbucks for their holiday drink special.

I love my candle warmer. Sorry for the cloudy was with my cell phone and it's not that great. But I am totally in love with the warmer! I think it looks so pretty at night and I can't wait to use it as a nightlight!!

Papa Bear loved Lena's scent, told me mine smelled like a dentist's office and CC's....well, let's just say it wasn't that nice!! Ha!

On another note... I finally bought a new coffee creamer and I'm pretty sure this is going to be my new favorite! My goodness it's good! need to try to Gingerbread Latte!

Since that phone call last week I have been pretty blah. There have been some days where I don't dwell on it...and there have been days that I can't stop crying. The one thing that does make me feel better is walking. I have been walking so much it's crazy!! It clears my head and just makes me feel so much better. Tonight I was trying to clear out some of my jeans that don't fit to make some free space in my closet. Well, I immediately took out three pair that I knew it was hopeless to even try on. I hadn't been able to even zip them up a few months ago. Today they fit. They fit nicely too! That sure felt good!! I just wish it wasn't because of the bad news we received. In relation to that news, I created a resume for Papa Bear and filled out a couple of job applications for him. I could not figure out why in the world they hadn't called. When he filled out an application with this company a few years back he heard a positive response with in a few days. So of course as each day passed and no email or call from them I was even more and more depressed. He asked me last night if I was sure I completed it the correct way as he hadn't even received a confirmation email. I went back and checked and smart April never pressed "submit!" I really need to get my head together!

Tonight I made soup. Papa Bear wanted a simple soup so it only has beef mixed with turkey meatballs, rice, potatoes and mushrooms. My goodness it's delicious!! I also picked up some French Artisan bread this morning. Perfect for this cool afternoon!!

It's supposed to freeze and I covered my roses. I never expected it to freeze this early so I'm not even prepared for winter care for the roses. I need to research it.

That's about it for me. Nothing exciting happening here. But it's ok. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!! That's crazy! What plans do you have? How early do you start traveling out if you're visiting this year? We usually leave the day of...I honestly find it is much less traffic that way!

And by the way... this whole post I spelled "marshmallow" with an "e" as "marshmellow." I kept getting it highlighted in spell I checked the bag and sure enough, it's spelled with an "a." The girls are loving talking about marsh maaaalllows!!



We're planning on spending the holidays with my brother this year. Being in Florida we're away from our kids and grands so I get sad about that. He only lives 30 minutes away but is so busy it's hard to get together. Looks like you all are very creative and I'll be keeping you and yours in my prayers. Any way you spell it marshmallows are yummy.


Your casserole and rice krispies looked yummy!! I love comfort too also..made some potato soup yesterday..oh my!! I need to share that recipe online..its just too good! For Thanksgiving since our family lives just a few miles away..traveling isnt an issue..thankfully! I'm looking forward to it!

Cozy Home Scenes

I'm not a fan of marshmellows (yes, I know the world thinks I'm nuts), but I remember the girls in the dorm in college roasting marshmellows over a candle. Funny thing was, it was the RA and her friends doing it. Burning candles was against the rules, but when girls saw the RA doing it, all our hall started burning candles. Eventually the RA realized what she did and made her friends stop before she lost her job! LOL

Thank you for adding my giveaway to your sidebar. I have counted all 3 of your entries! :)

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