Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday HS Football - Quin's Last Game

My nephew Quin played his last ever High School football game today. The Yoakum Bulldogs played the Sam Houston (SA team) Hurricanes.
I didn't plan on it getting so hot...I had us bundled up! But as the game went on, our layers came off!
It was so fun to hear the school song and the band play. It really brought back alot of memories!
My girls were freaking out because I still knew all the cheers and the school song. Nothing changed since I went to school in Yoakum many, many years ago. I still love Yoakum!!
The Bulldogs ended up not winning. Quin didn't get much field time. There were scouts there looking at him and we suspect jealousy could have been an issue!
He's all ready been offered full scholarships at several wonderful universities!!
I am so proud of him! I wish I would have been able to see him play more than just this one game! He is such a really good boy!
Here is Quin with Mom!
When he stayed with us last summer we had a blast together! We made some prank calls I'm sure none of us will ever forget!!
Lisa (his mom and my sister), Quin and Mom...
Me and Quin....I look like I'm about 25 months pregnant with twin elephants here...but I'm not!
Quin with Ari and Lena
CC, Quin and his little brother Tren
Ashley (his sister and my niece) and Quin
and me and Quin again...
After the game Quin went with the team to Fudruckers and we all went to Texadelphia.

It was so hot at the game. The sun was shining right down on us! The girls and I and Mom came home with sunburns! Sunburns in November! I guess that's Texas for you!!
After the second touchdown the cheerleaders threw out shirts. Lisa grabbed one for me! I was soooo super excited! So here I am modeling it in my bathroom...haha! No makeup, thirsty, heat exhausted and tired..but still modeling! Just kidding! But like I've said before... I try to keep it real!
And one last shot of Lena's rosy cheeks!
Today was a perfect day! We had so much fun just being together with the family! I wish we didn't live so far away! I miss them so much and I know the girls miss being with their cousins. We didn't win the game but today was still perfect!



Looks like you all had fun. Such nice family pictures and April you and your family are all beautiful and Quin sure is tall. I'm only 5 ft so everyone looks tall to

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