Sunday, August 30, 2009

At the Races....

Retama Park just opened on Friday. I have never been there so I called Lisa and told her Saturday was dollar night.... dollar minimum bets, 50 cent programs and hot dogs. We drove over, valet parked and got going!

The horses going back to their stables.

Lena trying to figure it out!

I love this...Jakob looks shocked and Lena looks guilty!

Me and my girls!

This boy is a real character!!

Me and Lisa

Since our pets are such a big part of our life here I thought I would post a few pictures of them.
Luigi taking over Sierra's bed!

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had a picture of Charlie leaning against the wall cleaning himself. He needs the support because he has ... ummm... a few extra pounds.

My beautiful son sleeping in the sun!

This weekend has been nice. I got a haircut Saturday then visited my mom. Oh I also did my barium swallow. It wasn't that bad. I did all that worrying for nothing! We looked at some model homes. (Sierra's idea of course!) Saturday night we went to the races with Lisa. Now it's cleaning time. Boy does my house need it. It's not extremely dirty but those hidden places have been VERY neglected and are in desperate need of attention!
Everyone is alseep. I want to make coffee but don't want to wake everyone up. I am seriously thinking about putting jeans on under my night gown, throwing my hair in a pony and driving through Starbucks..... come on... like you never did that?


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