Sunday, August 2, 2009

Started off Bad... (updated w/ photos)

This weekend has been good. Saturday we wanted to get Mom out of the house and try to cheer her up. We went to Barnes and Noble, looked at books and drank Java Chip Frapps and just had a good time. Then the girls and I went over to Ross and found some really good deals. I bought two dresses (really needed them for church), two pairs of shoes, CC a pair of shoes, Lena some pants, shoes and really cute shirt for school, then Emil and I large pillows for our shams. So..... it came out to a very, tad bit over $100. Not too bad!! We then looked around more store and bought groceries. Lisa wanted to go see the Orphan but my feet hurt so bad I just wanted to go home. Ok... good day!

Sunday..... morning was nice. I woke up early because Charlie was crying and crying and forced me out of bed at 7:30. I hate waking up so early on the weekends because I have to wake up so early during the week. I put on some of my shows I had on the DVR... Homes Across America and If Walls Could Talk..... I fell back asleep on the couch. Then Emil joined me for a little nap. Next thing you know we hear a glass knocked over on the table. Charlie! He doesn't like to drink out of a bowl, only cups or glasses or a running faucet. Soooo.... I knew there had to be water in the glass. I jumped up and told Emil "There might have been water in there!" Why the problem? Our laptop live on the kitchen table. Sure enough. He knocked it over on Lenas laptop. Emil jumped up, grabbed the laptop, turned it on its side and the water just poured out. Needless to say, the laptop never turned back on. Lena woke up and was in tears. I was pretty upset. Emil was mad at Charlie. He knew that he did something wrong because he hasn't come into the kitchen area at all today except to eat. I wanted to get the day back to normal to try and calm everyone down so I made potatoes, scrambled eggs and Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage patties. We got ready for church.... enjoyed a beautiful talk. Then... we went laptop/pc shopping. The "/" because I didn't know which one I was going for. We ended up with a really good deal. A dell laptop... 3GB for under $400. Nice. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. Emil and Sierra have been breaking it in.

Charlie before the accident.....

Lena after the accident....

I do have a couple of pics to post. Will do so and edit this tomorrow.

I just made another wonderful batch of brownies. Mom accused me of using a mix. I wanted to make them, infront of her, from scratch but she didn't come over in time. Mom... 100% homemade. I will post the recipe for those as well... tomorrow. I have to wake up at 4:45 tomorrow morning and need to go to bed.

Debbie and I went in to talk to Iz about the crazy schedules Dorothy has been giving us. I am so nervous what I will get tomorrow. I will pray about it and see. I can't do anything right now so there is no point to sit here and worry about it.


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