Saturday, August 22, 2009


We went to the beach, Port Aransas, Mustang Island last weekend with our good friends Lisa, Stas, Arkady and Nic (our fromer house guest). We had a good time but as you know from my previous posts Emil got sick from eating the oysters on a half-shell. It looks like virbrio vinficus, but I am having a hard time getting him tested for this because apparently its very rare. But he's lost 11 pounds since Sunday, he can't keep any food down, keeping water down to take his meds is a challenge. We were at the ER Thursday.

Nevertheless.... here are some of orur pics!

Igor sleeping on the way over there...

Jenny and CC on the drive there...

A close-up of my beautiful CC (in the glasses).

Lena hiding on the floor of the van. Like her orange flip flops?

A view from the back of the van. Jennys profile,
Lena standing, Jakob behind me and part of my
head watching Michael Jackson videos!

We stopped here on the way for a potty stop. The name is plain to see and those are horn all over the roofline. Quirky!

Lena and Jakob being silly!

A group of palm trees on the main stretch of highway to the beach. I think they are beautiful!

My Lena building a sandcastle.

Lisa and Lena playing frisbee.

Igor doing what he does best...sleeping!

Me and Lena. I hope next years pic will be after the lapband and I can post a before and after!

Lisa with the seagulls that really stalked us!

They were this close... seriously. They were directly ontop of the car door. Had I raised my hand a bit I would have been touching it!

Me and Lisa.
Seagulls on the sand...

The kids sleeping on the way home from the beach.

We had a blast. Much needed rest. However.. I got seriously burned. Really bad. I lathered up the kids and Emil and forgot to apply some to myself. I had to leave work early Monday. Tuesday I was literly in tears trying to get dressed and had to leave early that day too. I am peeling now and Sierra gets grossed out when I ask her to rub lotion on me.
My mother and father in law are here to visit. They haven't been here in six months. It is so nice to see them. They brought many beautiful presents from their trip to Isreal. I will post more pics later!


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