Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm up early going to my lapband appointment!


Ok... Our appointment went very well. We were in and out fairly quickly. The last time we went we got there at 7am and we left around 4 pm. NOT FUN!! Today we were in and out by 11:30!! NICE!!! I am good. He said I carry my weight evenly throughout my body. The only thing I will have to do before surgery is a barrium swallow. I already have that scheduled for Saturday morning. They are going to get my five year weight history and I shouldbe good to go! Dr. Pilcher said he thinks my surgery should happen soon. I am excited. Nervous? Yes! It's surgery... but... I think the way my weight continues to escalate I am headed to a heart attack or stroke. I am already pre-diabetic so this will cut that out completely. We will see. I am a bit scared. It is surgery and I have never had a surgery before. I've never been "out" with anesthesia. It's scary but I think the end result will be worth it. I want to be healthier and I want my children and my family to be healthier as well.

Emil has a bit more to do before he can have his surgery. He has to do a sleep apnea test, cardio test, barrium swallow (Saturday as well), lose ten pounds and begin following a strict diet now. He is very excited about this and really looking forward to us starting a new, healthy lifestyle.

We had to see a psychologist as part of our evaluation. The doctor asked me what did I think will be the hardest part about the life after the surgery. I thought about it... I think the hardest part will be learning how to cook afterwards. We know how to cook now, really good, all the bad things, lasagna, nachos, brownies, cakes from scratch, ribs... oh I could go on and on. We know what to buy at the store, we know what and how to prepare it. But we don't know how to make the good stuff. And by good, I mean healthy. This will be a learning experiece for both of us. We both love to cook and I know that once we learn WHAT to cook and HOW to prepare and cook it, it will be a sinch for us. No problem. When we went to Central Market the other day and I picked up a schedule for their cooking classes. Lisa and I have talked about doing this together. She wants to learn to cook for Stas. I want to learn to cook more healthier things. When she gets back from San Diego I guess we'll have to find us a good class.

I will post pictures of our trip to the beach in a bit. Emil is on the couch sick. We just got back from the ER. They say food poisoning from the oysters we ate at the beach. I don't know. It's been five days and he can hardly keep water down. He's lost eleven pounds since Saturday. That seems like more than food poisoning!


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