Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show Us How You Live Friday...

This is my first posting to Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life" posting. I'm not sure I even know how to do I wanted to enter the kitchen edition but got to it too late. I couldn't enter the wedding dresses because as you will see we got married in Vegas. One morning over breakfast Emil tells me "Let's do it."

Me: Do what?

Emil: "Lets get married!"

Me: Emil, I'm trying to eat. Don't ruin my breakfast. Don't say the "M" word!

Emil: Come on baby. We have two kids and we've been together seven years. Let's just get married.

I did a few more refusals then I figured, "Ok, why not? Let's just get married. I love him."

So off we went to the courthouse. Got the license. Some man found us on the sidewalk. Took a cab to a little chapel thingy. Some guy whose last name contained almost thirty letters (seriously) officiated. He called me Sandra the whole time. (My name is April...) It went something like this....

Guy: Repeat after me... I Sandra

Me: I Sandra

Guy: Take you Emil

Me: Take you Emil...

Guy: Repeat after me.... I Emil

Emil: I Emil

Guy: Take you Sandra

Emil: Take you Sandra.....

Yeah. It was so stupid! But we were married and I am so happy now! At the time it was right for us but now looking back I really wish our moms would have been there and our girls as well. I wore a white t-shirt and black and white and red capris. Emil was in shorts and a t-shirt. I wish I had at least had a cute dress. Oh well... the important thing is that we are married...

So off to the pics!!

Me in front of the Mirage "volcano." At night it spews fire and the water turn into "lava".... orange lights..

My papa bear in front of the volcano.

Right after we got married we took a cab to the Venetian to ride the gondolas outside. I just love the Venetian. It feels like you are stepping into another place when you walk onto the white bricks. It is just incredibly beautiful and I could take hundred of pictures of that hotel alone. Here are just a few.

The gondolas we took our ride on...

This is the ceiling you see when you first walk in...


Inside the Luxor...It is pyramid shaped inside.

We did the King Tuts tour in the Luxor. Its an audio guided tour. You learn alot and you can take your time. I found it really interesting. This is just one of the many pics we took there.

My papa doing his "George" pose in Treasure Island, where we stayed. This was taken while we were waiting for the elevator.

One of the ships in front of Treasure Island that does the pirate/siren shows. We were lucky enough to have a strip view and we could just open our blinds at night and watch the show. The sidewalk there in front gets pretty filled up so we were just as happy to watch from our room!

An outdoor bar/lounge thingy there at T.I.

Paris. I love, love, love the cobblestone streets inside the casino there.

The beautiful fountains in front of Paris. When you walk on the sidewalk in front of the Paris casino there are little outdoor cafes and if you're lucky mimes. They will very quietly walk behind you and tickle you with a feather or tap on your shoulder then run off. Its really fun!

The beautiful Bellagio dancing fountains. Too beautiful for words. I actually teared up when they played Bocelli's "Time to say goodbye!"

A statue inside Ceasars.

The big wooden horse in the entrance of FAO Schwarz inside Ceasars. Our girls have gotten many, many gifts from there.

NYNY Hotel Casino. One of our favorite places to play and stay. There rooms are very pretty and only a few rooms on each floor of each building. We stayed in the Chrysler building one time. It always reminds me of the Sex and the City episode where Big tells Carrie he is moving to Napa and she tells him, "You can't leave New York. You're the Chrysler building. The Chrysler building would be all wrong in a vineyard."

A view of the strip standing on the walkway in front of NYNY Hotel. Everytime we go to Vegas on our lst night we stand on this spot and just recap our time there. And I always ask Emil the same question... Do you think we'll be back?

Excalibur. It's very pretty on the outside but quite boring on the inside!

I have many more pics. We used to go to Vegas at least twice a year. So far we haven't made it back since I started working. It's crazy when I stayed home we went to Vegas alot, some years even three times a year. Now that I'm working we haven't been able to go back. It's so hard to get off during the week. Everytime you go something changes. I haven't seen Trumps new hotel/casino. I am REALLY looking forward to that. I absolutely love, love, love Donald Trump!


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