Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Vacation Spot

This week on Kellys Korner we are asked to show our favorite vacation spots. I know I all ready posted some pics of Vegas, but here is more. Vegas is truly a state of mind, an adult playground, you can forget daily routines, duties, problems, you forget time. You are encompassed with yourself for once. You don't think about who needs medicine, who wants what for dinner, what jobs are rushed and need to be back, which animal needs a bath, did you set the alarm right... and "save" it. You only think about you, what you want to do, see, eat, look at, play, buy.... sometimes you just need that. We spend so much of our time as mothers taking care of everyone else and putting ourselves last. Vegas lets us spoil ourself once in a while. I like that. I can have fun, rest and then come back home and be mommy and wife again. That occassional rest is exactly what I need to recharge once in a while.

But first... when I can't get to Vegas I like to to the country where I lived as a child. Life is so much slower there. It is definately a nice, quiet place to relax.

A pier at the Rockport Beach

The girls on their first time ever on a merry-go-round in the Shiner Park.

A longhorn on the way to Yoakum! Beautiful!

Lena @ H&H.. a little cafe in Yoakum!

On to Vegas!!

Beautiful view of NYNY Hotel Casino at night!

Not a clear pic but it's the Venetian I love this picture of the Venetian!
at night! It's one of my favorite hotels there!

I thought this was very pretty inside of Wynn. There was also flower balls hanging from the trees. I can't find my pic of this. They are very pretty and smelled so good!!

The water fall outside of Wynn...

We have stayed here at Treasure Island more than any other hotel/casino. We love it!
Their new sign. The ships which are part of their pirate show!
Another view of the ships. They shoot "cannons" and
sink into the water. Fun to watch!


Statues inside of Ceasars...

Circular escalators inside of Ceasars. Very fun to look at.

Bellagio's dancing fountains at night!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Thank you for stopping by and looking!


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