Friday, August 28, 2009

Little tid bits..

I have a few pics to post. I just wanted to give a quick update on some things and post my pics.

Sierra and I went to Michaels the other day to find some craft ideas for them now that they are homeschooled. We found Silly Putty and CC wanted some so I bought each girl a package. This is what Emil and Lena do with her silly putty.....

On thie kitchen chair...

Lena's "lips" look like Bratz dolls!!

We got a pretty decent amount of rain last night! Boy were we excited!!! We sat on the porch and watched it and listened to it fall. It was so relaxing! Here are a few pics...

My babies really enjoyed the fresh rain water..

Luigi saw the door open and seized his chance to run out...
Don't you love the way he squeezed himself in the middle?

I love the way the falling rain looks!

Our grapevine enoyed the rain too!

If you look close at the house across the street you can see the water on the road.
My CC and Emil.

Today when I got home I asked Lena to turn in her homework that I had given her last night. One of her assignments was to write some words in cursive. Since the capital "A" was one of her letters I had her write April five times. Well, her Math homework was writing her multiples of 2 and 3 five times each. When she gave me her handwriting paper she said, "The reason all of your "a's" for April are lower case if because you made me really mad. I know my 2's and 3's forwards and backwards and you still made me write them again. So since you made me mad all your "a's" are lower case." I had to laugh! Too funny! I gave her the paper back and made her rewrite it the correct way!
CC wants me to go watch Quarantine with her. I guess I better go.
Oh real quick... tomorrow I go for my barrium swallow. Emil knew I would chicken out and never reschedule so he took it upon himself to reschedule us both. Great!


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