Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Impromptu Date Night...

Lena stayed with my mom Monday night. Our theatres offer free movie showings for children on Tuesdays before 10, so she and mom went. They were showing Space Chimps. After the movie they ate at Incredible Pizza. After work I took Sierra to her thyroid appointment. She lost 15 pounds since last year and grew half an inch. Wonderful in the weight department... I wish it could have been more in the growth department. They said it looks like her height is leveling out and it's really important for her to take her synthetic thyroid medicine so that she may grow a little more.

When I was picking Lena up from Mom's house I saw on the news there was a HUGE grass fire just a few miles frommy house. Since we have been so long here without rain our grass is so dry and combining that with our record setting temps of over 100 degress grass fires are common during this time. I was very worried because Luigi was outside. We raced home.. got him in. The big, black rolling smoke was climbing so high in the sky. And scarily it wasn't all that far from us.

After we were sure everything was ok I laid on the couch to take a quick nap. Emil suggested to me that we go eat Chinese. We had dinner then off to Barnes and Noble. (Thats MY dessert) I love, love, love that store!

We spent a good three hours together... just spending time together. It was so nice and so much needed!! We listened to music, talked without being interrupted, read sushi cookbooks, magazine and were just together. It was so very nice!

So now we just got back from Sonic...happy hour. Emil is talking to his dad on skype. His dad lives in Siberia and this was their first face to face (via the internet) conversation in over 17 years. It was very emotional! He said hello to the girls and to me. He blew us kisses and told us he love us in English. We all had tears in our eyes. I just hope if we make it to Russia he will be able to come see us! I took a picture of this. Will post in a bit. This seems to be my routine. I post now and add pics later.

I had the fabulous idea of getting sopapillas! I need to learn how to make them. My goodness they were ohh so good!! I only have two left in my box!


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