Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Saturday.. Fiesta Royalty Dresses

It's Pink Saturday again! I am so happy to be participating this week! Of course I would like to tell Beverly thank you for putting this together for us each week. I know it must be alot of work and it doesn't go unappreciated!

Tuesday the girls and I decided to visit the Witte museum. We had a wonderful time and saw so many pretty things! You can see more pictures here, there are 70 photos on that post!

One exhibit at the Witte was showcasing the beautiful dresses of some of the Fiesta Queens. If I'm not mistaken there was a dress from each decade. The dresses were just beautiful and as soon as we walked into the room Lena said, "Mom, you have to take pictures for Pink Saturday!" Don't you just love it when our kids get into the blogging spirit too?

First up....

I LOVE this dress. It was the first one we saw entering the exhibit.

I KNEW it would be perfect to start our post!

Look at that train... or as one guest there was calling it.. the cape!

Now this dress isn't pink and doesn't have any pink, but it's just so pretty I couldn't leave it out!
It's just so elegant!
It reminds me of something that would have been worn at a Gone With the Wind ball....
But THIS dress... it's my absolute favorite!
It has all my favorite colors, maroon, gold, and cream.

How beautiful is this?
My goodness, I'm telling you I fell head over heels in love with it!!

Another beautiful dress!
Close up of the beadwork.....
More pretty pink.....

This one is in a close contest to be my second favorite....
It is just stunning.....
My daughter just mentioned that there is no pink in this dress.....
That's true, but look how gorgeous it is!
Now this dress does have pink......

This dress was displayed all by itself...
And it was beautiful!
I wish now I would have gotten a close up of the beading on the bottom of the skirt....

the beading was just spectacular!!
This dress was also displayed alone....
They saved the best for last...
So I will too....
This dress was just amazing...
This dress is the second dress in the running for second.
If it had roses it would be my favorite!!
I think it's a real Cinderella dress.... I LOVE it!!!!
There are no words to describe how beautiful the dress is. My mom even told me it would be perfect for my Pink Saturday post!
I didn't show one red dress... you can see it here if you like. It's really worth checking out! I just forgot to post it here.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I do hope you enjoyed it. I can't wait to visit everyone else's PS postings!!



Wow - these are absolutely gorgeous! The trains are spectacular! I am so glad that I could see picures of them, but in person must have been amazing! Happy Pink Saturday!


Hi April, I'm sooo glad you posted them. I didn't want to miss them. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Pink Saturday


Good morning April! These are really gorgeous dresses! Reminds me of a time when people actually tried to look decent when going out in public. Horrors!



Boy April, you have an early start today. I am right behind you. First, no I didn't take it home. We live in the mountains and PINK just doesn't fit in here. I do have a very old wicker rocker with a plant in it though. It is green. I love that look pink or any color. smile!

Your gowns are stunning. The bead work is awesome. I loved the one that had a bunny in beads. Actually they are all beautiful and your photos were so good.

Happy PS.
Hugs, Jeanne


Good morning April,
Wow...these dresses are gorgeous. I'm sorry, but I can't help but think when it comes to fashion, we went backwards;)
I just realized I wasn't following or subscribed...but I am now!!! I just read your bio's amazing how much we have in common. From girls to homeschooling to HGTV, you might be my sister!
Love your pink post. Have a wonderful day.


Those gowns are absolutely amazing!


These gowns are so fabulous. I adore the one where she has a crown-looks like a geanie or a princess. My favorite is the last one-how dynamic. Thanks for visiting today--I love new friends.


Wow~~~ talk about detailed formal fashion!! Really amazing!

Happy Pink Saturday:)

Kay Ellen

Jacalyn @

Oh you sure did save the best for last! Absolutely stunning! Can you imagine wearing that? Oh to dream...



That's some fancy dresses! Happy PS!




What a fun outing that must have been. Beautiful dresses, hard to pick a favorite.
Happy PS

someplace in thyme

Oh so gorgeous. You were lucky to be able to take such great pictures, all the details show up well. Beautiful dresses from another time. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Suzie Button

What amazing dresses! How fantastic was that trip! It amazes me the talent the seamstresses/artists who made these dresses must have had in their fingers! happy PS! Suzie


It is hard to believe someone actually wore dresses like these. Your outing really gave you a lot of "food" for pink Saturday. Nicely done.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

Hi April,
That last dress is indeed stunning! They are all gorgeous but the last one is my favourite. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pinks.



April, Thanks for stoppping by on Pink, you've really outdone youself with this post! the Fiesta gowns are amazing! I love the 1968 with the mod flowers...but you're right, the pink one is fabulous. Those gowns take some serious hand work...It's the first thing the young lady does when she is named to the, not start sewing...start interviewing designers...did you know the girls' families pay for them? I'm sure their families are thrilled for their daughters, but Daddy better have deep pockets...Ha Ha. And you have three daughters..better watch out! The Honorable Court of Abramyan might be called to present one of their daughters!!! When we were kids, we would design pretend gowns for a local Citrus Fiesta in the Rio Grande Valley. Those princesses were lucky because the pagent helped with their gowns and like the Rose Parade, everything had to be so glitzy, but probably way less expensive. Have a very Pink week...LaVerne

My Crafty Little Page

They are just stunning and the pink one is beyond gorgeous. I think I'll go see these if they're still there in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing these - I'd forgotten about the Witte Museum. xoxo Nancy


April ~ I absolutely loved your post. The gowns were breathtaking.


These are beautiful.....makes want to do some sewing..
God Bless You.....Kandy

That shabby Pink Girl

Gorgeous Dresses, reminds me of days gone by when us girls dressed every year for the Annual Beta Sigma Phi Valentines Ball. Some of the gowns were stunning. It's sad we don't do this anymore, I love fashion. Thanks for sharing with us.
marian elizabeth

Self Sagacity

visiting from PS. Definitely love them, they are very unique.


Holy Cow!!! I have never seen anything like those dresses! They are absolutely breathtaking. Can you imagine how special the wearers must of felt. I bet they are really heavy. Thanks for sharing these wonderful dresses, have a great week, Nan


My goodness, the detail in these dresses is amazing. I cannot imagine the PATIENCE that must go into creating these gorgeous dresses! Thank you for sharing, I have never seen anything like them. Happy Pink and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Kathleen Ellis

Those dresses are AMAZING!!! How FUN! They do make you think of Gone /with the /wind and days gone by!
Thank you for sharing!
Have a beautiful day~
;-D Kathleen

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