Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rednesday at Homestead Handcrafts....

First, I can't believe it's already Wednesday and second, I can't believe I actually have a few minutes to put up a Rednesday post over at Sue Loves Cherries!

This past Saturday I wasn't rushing to do anything or be anywhere, so the girls and I headed over to Homestead Handcrafts, probably one of my favorite places to go! I can literally spend hours just perusing through the store. There is always new, beautiful things and I definitely have lots of items from them decorating my house!

My sister collects Coke products and Homestead has plenty to offer!

They always have the cutest displays set up. I LOVE aprons and this display really caught my eye!

You have to really take your time and look at each piece, other wise you could miss some really great deals!!

I know these have no red in them but I couldn't resist posting some Grade Cards from the 1930's!! Apparently "Charles Le Sage" was only promoted to the low 3rd grade...ouch!

I thought this was such a cute set-up. I love, love, love the Americana theme.

I am soooooo over it being hot!!! (In fact, our high Friday is 107!!!) I love fall, the colors, smells, decorations, and this display had me so excited and ready for fall to come!!!

I have no jungle theme in my house, but this cute little pair of monkey candles made me want to set up at least a jungle themed corner! They were too cute. And the palm tree candle holders??? Too cute!!

This little Keebler elf was one of my favorite red finds. I am seriously thinking about going back and getting him because I don't have a cookie jar and could really use one!

I can't wait to see all the other "red" posts. Don't forget to stop by Sue's lovely blog for more red goodies!



Such lovely red's April. Yes, the heat is EVERYwhere for sure! Record month for us, & many others.

Have a great day ~


That is one place I would have liked to been with you browsing around.


hi April, love all your reds today. I enjoyed collecting Coke signs, glasses and trays in my younger years. I still enjoy looking at Coke collectibles. Thanks for the tour today, I could stroll and look there an entire afternoon.
Nice to meet you at Rednesday......

the French Hutch


What a fun shop - Happy Rednesday!


Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the nice message. I wanted to let you know that isn't wallpaper, but shelf paper. But Oh wouldn't that be wonderful wallpaper?

I think that I, too, could spend all day in the store you spoke about! I see several things that would be nice to have!


Very nice pics. I love the Cola couple* :)


So many cute reds...I've always loved old tin signs. They're so nostalgic. I think that Spaghetti one is pretty neat!


Magical Mystical Teacher

Can you imagine having a boyfriend with a polka dot bow tie?


For red my affection is great,
It’s puce and chartreuse that I hate.
I’m fond of cerise,
It makes a nice piece
Of clothing that looks just first-rate.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Lost Red Spoon


I love coke stuff, have a few things but not a serious collector. I a looking for Fall,too.:)
Great Pics , & I think I would go back for that Keebler Elf jar.


I love summer so much, but I agree with you, I'm ready for Fall too! That place looks like it's got something for everyone. I haven't been to any shops in months, so seeing all of this has got me excited to go one day real soon!
Happy REDnesday,

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