Wednesday, August 24, 2011

College, Guinea Pigs and a Surprise

Yesterday CC asked me to stop her at PetSmart so she could buy bedding for her guinea pigs. I honestly thought bedding was all we would be walking out with.

But then Lena saw this.....

and she has been begging for a guinea pig.....

She fell so hard in love with the black cowlick guinea pig. She made a phone call to her daddy and this cutie came home with us!

Meet Jynx, the newest member of our family!!!

Lena held him most of the way home. CC helped her set up his cage. She has hardly gotten any homework done, she has played with him so much today!! I think Jynx is going to be pretty spoiled!

About a month ago Lena had to keep CC's guinea pigs in her room for about a week. They loved all the attention they got from her and she loved having a guinea pig (or two) to play with. Gypsy, the newest one, is on the left and the beautiful, bad Tara (Tiramisu) is on the right.

Today after school I came home and Mom was here. That is always so nice! I love coming home and she is here. Papa Bear was marinating ribs and sausage and ...... he and the girls cleaned the house up and down. The refrigerator was spotless...better organized than it has been in years! I was so excited and happy!! It meant so much to me, especially since I started college this week and things have been so stressful and hectic! Emil even washed the dishes AND cleaned the laundry room!! You don't know what a nice surprise that was!!!

We grilled veggies...eggplants, zucchini, yellow squash and fresh was so delicious!

And of course had ribs and sausage.....

We all ate together and talked and was so nice!

My Anatomy teacher has been all that I expected...and more.... she is tough, strict, yells, is super sarcastic, she humiliated a boy for asking a question, cut down a girl for correcting her that Labor Day is not this coming Monday but the following AND.....she actually took a students cell phone today because it rang during class!!!!

I do have to say, she explains things very clearly. She makes sure you understand before moving on. However, I would be terrified to ask her a question even if I didn't understand. We took lots and lots of notes today. My arm hurts from all the writing!

My chemistry class will be awesome! I LOVE my professor. His name is Jamshed Ayub. He actually worked with Gallo at the NIH when the AIDS virus first surfaced in the late 80's. He was one of the men who first identified and tried to find a vaccine for it. He has chaired several universities and colleges and I think this will be one of my favorite classes!! I just need to get my book in.. I bought it online, the cheapest one I found was a whopping $79!!! It's sure not cheap to get an education!!

I am so not looking forward to this weekend. They are expecting some out of this world temperatures... temps that will break every record we've ever had. Some forecasts have Saturday and Sunday with temps of 110 and heat indexes even higher.... Goodness!! I want winter!!!

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Well it seems like you are going to be super busy now, so glad that the family is a big help!


Ai Sakura

hi thanks for stopping by my blog. returning the love and following u now! :)

ps i love grilled vegs too!! happy weekend :)

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