Friday, August 26, 2011

Ready For The Weekend!!!

I am so ready for this weekend! This past week has been so hectic and crazy for us. I started college back, Monday through Thursday, and Lena started her homeschooling back full time as well. I've been wanting to get the girls in bed by 10:30, a time both Emil and I agreed on. However, there just isn't enough time in the day and they've been getting to bed closer to midnight!! This coming up week I plan to buckle down and fix that!

Last night when the girls and I came home from being out of town, my sweet Papa Bear had dinner cooked (Dover fish and rice) and had the table set for us!! It was soooo good and so, so sweet!!!

Then today after I came home from an appointment he made some appetizers for us.... grilled bread topped with sprotik fish, fried garlic potato cubes, fresh cilantro and cheese.... so, so good!!

Since we successfully finished this week with our nerves in tact (and CC did SO good in Math today), I promised the girls I would take them to Gigi's for cupcakes. I know you're not supposed to reward with food....because we're not dogs...but we really needed to just get out of the house, sit in a cool place, laugh and talk and have fun!!!

Lena choose the Banana Split cupcake.... it was good!

I went with the Miss Princess cupcake. It was good but still no Cupprimo.

And CC choose Merry Margarita, with the warning, "Don't eat and drive!"

She loved her Margarita Cupcake.....

Maybe a little too much!!! haha! (I think the tequila was getting to her!) The girls did sneak in a nice picture when I left my phone on the table.......

And then they decided to make fun of all the young kids who make these silly fish/duck/confused faces and show a peace sign....I guess that's what happens when they get too much sugar in them!!

When we came home CC and I watered the grass. She got smart and started spraying me. I took off running, hiding behind the car on the driveway and slipped and cut up my leg pretty nice!! But we had fun....lots of fun....and she just might have been trying to get me back. She said she was trying to spray, "that stupid little braid on my head!"

We don't have much on the schedule for tomorrow and I am glad! My Chemistry book came in today and I am so excited to start on homework!!! And this is going to be one of the hottest weekends on record, so I definitely plan to stay inside!!!

I'll be catching up on laundry, doing homework, grading all of Lena's many, many lessons and maybe make Tiramisu brownies for our friends in Austin.....

I am just so over this heat...I really, really want a change of weather! I need some cooler temps and a little rain!!


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