Friday, August 26, 2011

Pink Saturday - Goodbye To Summer...

Today as were walking through Lowe's I wondered over to the Garden Center to see if they have any cactus... I didn't find cactus, but I did find a few pretty pink flowers left. AND since it's Pink Saturday time, I thought I'd snap away!!

Birds of Paradise, Mexican grass (?) and Rangoon Creeper

I absolutely LOVED these orchids!!

And this flower, Bromeliad, really caught my eye....very unique!

I guess since Fall is supposed to be coming now, not that you'd know it here (we are expecting 108 today) I guess warmer colors and mums will be popping up. I only had one good bloom from my roses this year. I lost five crepe myrtles, all my tomatoes, basil and one miniature rose. I think it's just been too hot for anything to grow. Hopefully next year will have a better growing season!
You can visit our sweet host Beverly's blog here to see more sweet pinks!


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Thanks for calling by my post twistedvines. Your Summer flowers are just beautiful and I'm just looking forward to Spring over here in Australia. This particular book in the three series of enchanted dolls house is unavailable at the moment but the other two you can find here
You might find something close in your own bookstore! Robyn Johnson is a Melbourne/Australian Illustrator.
Thanks again for calling by, Happy PS and have a great weekend!

Pieces of Sunshine

You have a lovely selection of flowers here. A great way to have lots more variety than your own garden. Did you end up bringing any of them home with you?


The bromeliads - wowza!


April, it was sad to hear about what didn't bloom this year - but yet, what you ended up having in your garden is gorgeous! Nature is amazing, isn't it? How some things can thrive in certain temps and others not? Stay cool... p.s. many thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments.

black eyed susans kitchen

Beautiful post April...I especially like the tropical!

My Crafty Little Page

Oh my gosh, April - the heat this summer is horrible. I see huge mature trees that are dying from the drought and our yard is completely brown. Our crape myrtles are hanging on. Pray for rain and cooler weather. There's always a chance in September! How refreshing to see the flowers from Lowes. Happy Pink Saturday to you! xoxo Nancy


That was quite some great finds at the garden!

And I adore Luigi and your princesses. I better ask my dog Sweepy to say hello to him!

Self Sagacity

Already? My summer just begun, :-) The bottom mosaic is gorgeous.
Thanks for visiting today.

Light and Voices

Collages posted are kewelopolis.
Joyce M


I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet-my flowers are just starting to look better with a little cooler weather. I'm amazed that there are still flowers out there to buy-didn't they discount them. So pretty though!

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