Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Stressing.....

Today is the first day back at school for Lena and for me. Lena is starting fifth grade and I am taking two courses, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology 2.
I guess because I have been so stressed and nervous about today I woke up at 6 a.m.!!! I laid in bed hoping to fall back asleep but that never happened...instead I made myself some coffee.

Then I went back to bed to do some reading. That always calms my nerves.

By this time the girls had woken up. Lena made herself some coffee and went straight to work. Since this is her last first day as a elementary school student I had to take her picture.

She is so super excited about her German classes. Fifth grade has given her lots of homework already. Saturday night I logged on to her homeschool and printed out all her papers and assignments for today. I seriously think I printed out about 20 pages!!! I had to tell Emil to buy more printer paper!

Lena also got a hair cut Friday...this is hers....the inspiration photo and her style.

It's shorter than we wanted but she is loving it! Especially when we put in some mouse and blow it out!!

My A&P teacher seems like a nightmare. I am so terrified. She has tons of rules!!


*If you are 15 mins late you are counted absent.

*After 4 tardies, every time you come in late you are counted absent.

*If you are absent it is up to you to find out what your assignment is. There is NO make up days.

*Homework is turned in when you WALK into the room. NOT once you sit at your desk.

*She has the right to take your cells phones if you bring them into class. (I have children and a husband who owns a small business... I NEED my cell phone!)

*All supplies should be brought to class the first day, NO EXCEPTIONS, however, she lovingly didn't tell us what those supplies are other than to say we could bring color pencils if we choose.

*If you miss a test, for any reason, you automatically get a zero. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*There is NO excuse for absences. Period.

I can tell this will be a wonderful semester!



Hope you both have a good first day! That teacher's rules are something else! Taking another adults phone? No way!

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