Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Laptop Bites the Dust....

A few weeks ago Luigi was trying to get away from Charlie and ran under the kitchen table. Well, our laptop live on the kitchen table to of course it was bound to happen. He tripped to power cord and my laptop crashed to the floor. It seemed fine. The space bar key was a little loose. But then yesterday.... Sierra called me into her room and told me the screen looked funny. Yes, my friends, it had died. I will get a photo later so everyone can see the sad, sad end of my faithful special laptop. I had soooo many good pictures and videos on there. I think I am going to take it to our systems manager tomorrow at work and see what he can do with it.... at least to get the pictures. I'm sure you remember what happened when Charlie spilled water on Lena's laptop.
So now we are down to one laptop only....which isnt good because Lena and Emil hog this thing like there's no tomorrow. CC uses it for her homework and I blog!!!!
Yesterday I went with Mom to Vogue Beauty School and got a haircut. I NEVER go to beauty schools to get haircuts but Mom had been raving about this girl that cuts her hair there and she took Lena to get a haircut there. It came out so cute and modern and funky, yet gentle enough for an eight year old. So.... I thought ok. I'll give it a try. This girl is really good! She just moved here from Japan a year ago. Her family has been missionaries in Japan for 24 years! This past summer they danced and preached in Indonesia and she is going back to Japan for three weeks for Christmas. She has been all over Europe and she's only 22! What an amazing well-rounded, level-headed indvidual! I think I will be going back to her again! I will post some before and after pics a little later. I still need to color my hair. When the instructor came over to give me a final check-over she said, "Wow, I see some gray in there!." I told her..."Keep looking, you're gonna see ALOT more!" So... I must color before I post after pics. It's not like it's so bad you can see it in a picture, but I will just feel better once I know it's covered!
Also... more fabulous giveaways. I don't know if you've ever visited Mille Fleur, but she is having another fabulous Williams-Sonoma giveaway. You will absolutely LOVE it! You will love her blog as well. It is absolutely beautiful! So go give her a visit and enter her giveaway. I know with 100% accuracy I won't win it but maybe you will be the lucky one to find this in your mailbox!
Another giveaway is hosted by Centsational Girl. She is giving away a $100 gift certificate for Lisa Leonard's silver jewelry store. She has some beautiful items for sale, everything from bracelets, to earrings, to necklaces and even silver spoons! You will surely find something there that you will want to take home!
And whatever you do... don't forget to visit Between Naps On The Porch for her fabulous week of giveaways from Colonial Candles. The items she is giving away is just AMAZING! And her blog..... takes my breath away. She hosts Tablescape Thursday. I am longing for the day I can enter this one blog party. You should see her wonderful creations! You will be speechless. If she doesn't inspire you...nothing will! Even if you don't plan on entering the give-a-away (today is the last day) stop by and visit her beautiful blog!
Another great give-away is being offered by My Domestic Bliss. Kim is opening a new store on Etsy. Her blog has a preview of some of the items and ladies let me tell you... it is something we ALL would like! Just stop be her blog, check it out and you could win a gift certificate for $50!
While posting this I have been listening to something on TV about working for Google. They have full blown snack, coffee, napping pods, laundry service, doctors office, electric cars for employee uses during work, massages and gyms! All FREE OF CHARGE for employees!! SIGN ME UP!!!!


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