Friday, November 6, 2009

Show and Tell Friday - Russian Cutting Boards

Today is Show and Tell Friday at Cindy's Romantic Home.
I have decided to share one of my Russian cutting boards today. This one is actually the very first cutting board set I bought on eBay. As you know my husband is Russian and I have always been facinated with Russia since I was a little girl. I began collecting Russian eggs waaaayyy before I ever met him.
This is the wall in my kitchen. It is covered with Russian cutting boards. Most of them I bought from eBay but some of them have been given to be as gifts from friends when they've gone to Russia.
The matroyshka is a major symbol of Russia. I was so excited when I received my first matroyshka set. Anyway, when I saw this on eBay I knew I HAD to by it. I didn't care how high the bidding got .... this was MINE!! (Sorry about the glare.)
My little ladies...
I took them off of their hanging board so you can see thebeautiful hand painting designs on it.
I am not sure what type of wood they are made of but I think it's birch. Alot of Russian souvenirs and knick - knacks are made of birch.
Here is a close up my girls.... Her scarf if lavender. The painting is all handpainted.
This one is the larger one. I have her hanging in the middle space. Her middle is a bit discolored so I am guessing that her previous owners actually used her. I don't. I'm too scared too. I had to use the mortar on one set. I used it...washed it... and put it right back!
This one wears a light blue scarf. She has rosy cheeks and big blue eyes.

One more picture of my first girls....
Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my show and tell. I love Fridays.... coming home... making my coffee.... turning on my laptop and visiting all my fellow bloggers to see what they are showing off. I hope you all have a woderful weekend and don't forget to stop by here to see everyone elses items!



What a pretty and unique cutting board! My friend adopted kids from Russia, so it's neat to see handiwork from there.


That is not only a unique collection, but a very pretty one too. I've never seen a hand painted Russian cutting board. Thank you for sharing.


Wow, I have never seen cutting boards like this; but what a cool idea!!


Those are so pretty and unique!
I hope you enjoy your weekend.



very pretty and unique


I love this Show & Tell. The matroyshka dolls are as cute as can be... such endearing little faces and pretty colored clothing!

Enjoyed visiting! Kindly, ldh


Adorable ! they look soo cute ! I have these dolls we call "Russian dolls" where you put one into another. The first is quite big and the last tiny. I don't know the word in English.

Really Rainey

Fantastic post! Show and Tell is always interesting!
Thanks for stopping by my blog... You asked a question about my soap. To answer your question... Yes handmade soap is hard to make and you need many supplies... However, I cheat and use a product called melt and pour soap, and then I just add all my goodies, such as essential oils and exfoliants or whatever than package them up pretty! So many people have asked about this I am going to do a tutorial on it soon! I'll do the post on a Show and Tell Friday.
Have a great rest of the week end.


Those are beautiful! What a lovely treasure to have.

Mrs Twins

Hello April,
This is a fantatic set to keep. The colours are beautiful. When I see the sets of Russian Dolls in the shops I am always drawn towards them. I haven't seen anything like this before. What a treasure! I've enjoyed your Show and Tell always look forward to Friday's!.
Thank you for sharing with us all.
Hugs and Love
Sue x

A Little Of This And That

These are fantastic. So unique. I don't think I've ever seen a Russian cutting board. Thanks for sharing.

A Little Of This And That

Oops... and thanks so much for you generous comment.

Sweet Bee Cottage

Oh those are so special. What a wonderful collection and they look so lovely on your kitchen wall. I don't blame you for not using them.


Oh April

They are soo sweet. I have a set of the Santa dolls, but I've never seen the cutting boards. Beautiful!



I'm fortunate enough to have an uncle who, for work reasons, made so many trips to Russia. Each time brought me back something handmade from there. I've always loved the russian artisans way of using colors. Thanks for sharing and for leave me a comment.
Gracie at


That is not only a unique collection, but a very pretty one too.

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WOW! Girl these pics are great! Love the detailed art work!

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