Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Perpetual Kid Sneak Peak

I went to the mailbox yesterday and found my Country Living magazine inside. So, this morning after breakfast, after clothes were washed and three loads were folded AND put away I filled my coffee cup, turned on my bedside lamp and opened by favorite magazine! This month's magazine has so many wonderful ideas for homemade ornaments and decoration! There are many, many wondeful ideas! If you don't have this magazine yet... go get it! An article featuring gifts under $50 caught my eye. It featured the last picture on this post, however, I went to the website and found so very many wonderful cute ideas for gifts or stocking stuffers and they can be given anytime of the year! Here are just a few cuties that I really liked and plan on ordering these for family and friends!
I think I found the PERFECT keep-them-busy item for road trips or any car trip really. For only $7.99 your kids will stay entertained and occupied for hours on end! A 3-D Drawing Pad!

These cute little screen cleaners attach to your computer for easy cleaning AND they are easy on the wallet....only $6.99!

If you don't want to clean up after the festivities I think I found something that will help....a little. Edible Rainbow Candy Shot Glasses! Get 2 for $6.99!

Do you know anyone who deserves a Lump of Coal? This soap comes wrapped in a festive holiday bag and includes all your favorite warm holiday scents. Go ahead and get it for someone who's been nice too!

I want to get this for my sisters and my brother! How darn cute is this? I think kids of all ages will LOVE this! Myself included! Ketchup Charlie Spread Head ($3.99) just screws onto your ketchup bottle and then this happens.....

I think everyone has that one friend who loves to dress up, look nice, shop..... everything that would sum one up as a true girly-girl. And if you haven't found a gift for that person yet, look at this! It's a High Heel Cake Server... for only $15.99!!! How cute is this?

I think this Tic Tac Toast would be the PERFECT stocking stuffer for anyone with children. I am definately ordering this for myself and a few other people. I can't name them because they might read this before they get it! And the best part... it costs only $3.99!

These cute gloves come in different colors... they are so darn cute I just love them! Go here to purchase!
I found these cuties in my Country Living magazine that was patiently waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday. They too come from the Perpetual Kid website but I can't find them on there. I. WANT. THESE. MEASURING CUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I might just have to call them up and see if they are still in stock!
I think this weekend went by waaayyyy too fast. I am not looking forward to waking up at 4:30 tomorrow morning and being fresh and ready to work at 6:00 A.M. At 6 my fingers haven't even warmed up...let alone be ready for data entry and keying and ins sorting! Oh my, no!!! I do have Thursday off. Good I guess. We will be going to visit family in Yoakum. BUT.... Friday I have to be at work again at 6A.M.! UURRGGHHH! I'd rather work Thursday and have Friday off.... now THAT would be nice!
Christmas music is playing on radio stations here all ready. I turned the radio on on my desk and the first song I heard was "Let it Snow"! Cute song... I like it actually... but in Texas...snow? It just isn't happening! They shouldn't play that song here. It just teases us.... and for that matter they shouldn't play "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas" too. Because it's not! It's sunny and warm and not even a smidget of hope for a snowflake or even nice cold weather to make one feel like it's Christmas! Ha! Ok.... I'm not being a Scrooge... I'm just not ready for the weekend to be over and the week to start! I know it's gonna be hectic at work, trying to cram 48 hours of work in four days (the bank doesn't have to pay OT till we hit over 48 because they give us 8 hrs for the holiday) and driving out of town, packing, cooking.... oh no.. it just seems like more work! But... I will get to spend the day with my mommy so really, NOTHING can top that! Ok... thinking of that I guess I'm a little excited about Thursday!
Last night I went to a Russian Meet Up group with Lisa at Hoolihans. It was nice. Mostly older people though. I think Lisa and I were the only ones there married to a Russian man. It was mostly American men married to or looking to marry Russian girls. The older Russin women were obviously married to Russian men and it was quite funny to see them drunk and dancing. Overall it was a good time. I will post pics later.
I hope you all had a great weekend and got enough rest to prepare you for the coming week!


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Well here's an informative post! Really enjoyed those Christmasy ideas! What wacky ideas!
Great post, great blog.
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