Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of Fun that is Fun

First things first... today is Rednesday! I entered Sue's Rednesday a few weeks ago and decided I would stop by again today.... since I have the day off.
Today I am showing my beautiful Khokhloma items from Russia. Khokhloma (hock-low-ma) is a traditional Russian folkcraft style with incorporates lots of reds, blacks and gold. It almost always is paintings of roosters, berries and flowers. These items were given to my by a family friend when she came over from St. Petersburg last year.
This is my lovely clock that hangs in my kitchen.
One of the trays. You can see the rooster on this tray. See the bottom of the other tray. I tried to crop it out but I couldn't.
This is the other tray. Do you know I just realized that there is a heart cut out?! Svetlana told me to use these trays to serve food when we have company over. I just cannot find it in myself to take them from the wall and use them.
Thank you so much for stopping by to see my cutting board, clock and tray. I hhope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to see everyone else items.
Next item of news....I also entered Pampering Beki's 2009 ornament exchange. The deadline is tomorrow. Just click on her name to be taken to the post. She will give you the name of the person that you will be echanging ornments with and they shouldn't total over $10. I think this is a fun idea to meet other bloggers and have little fun doing it. Everyone enjoys getting something pretty in the mail and what a neat way to kick off the season!
And finally ..... Gooseberry Patch is giving away three cookbooks to a lucky blogger!! This is something I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this blog, but I know ALL of you would love to too, so click on the link above and enter win!
Look for some "after" pictures later. I cut my hair Saturday and am coloring it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am so enjoying my day off, hence, my chance to blog and relax and clean. Dishes are done, microwave cleaned, sheets washed, coffee drank.... my MOM is here.. It's PERFECT!
How are you spending your Wednesday?


Mrs Twins

What a gorgeous item! I wouldn't use it either. It's so nice to have something special in your home for everyone to admire! Love the photos of your family, and I love your blog.
Thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving lovely comments!
Hugs and Love Suex



Ohhh...I love Rednesday! Red being my most favorite color! My friend, I just loved all of your fabulous Khokhloma-wear from Russia! The patterns and colors really appeal to me...I would love to have some! I certainly don't blame you for not wanting to use the cutting boards...they really are just too pretty! Hehe! I would hate to mess them up...these pieces really are works of art! Thank you for sharing them with us...what a sweet treat!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design


The trays are beautiful! I would have a hard time using them also. Maybe just some cheese and crackers for the holidays would look nice and would be safe if already cut up.

Bearly Sane

Well it's actually Thursday now in Oz, just finished teaching teddy class and decided to catch up on some blogs while I eat my late lunch.
Love all the items you posted today, but I must admit the tray is really special. (I love roosters) I can understand you not wanting to use them in case they get damaged and they are soooooo very pretty to look at.
Sounds like you are having a great day off with your mum, I bet she's special too!
Warmest hugs,


Congrats on winning the Gorgeous Pillow from Eddie Ross. Super Jealous. I'm contemplating visiting Austin TX just to see it in person.

All the best.


! I would have a hard time using them also.

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