Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair and Coffee

Wednesday I was off, so I decided to color my hair. I cut it Saturday but didn't get a chance to color it. Sooooo.... since the bank decided to give us Veterans Day off (thank you BBVA) I took advantage of the time and colored it Chocolate Truffle. It sounds like it would be super dark, and it is, but it has an intense red base, which means in the sun my hair looks like this.....
I love, love, love this color. I love having my hair dark during the winter and then I lighten it up for summer. Not only is my color darker I also have BANGS! Here is the before and after.... lighter hair no bangs and darker hair with bangs. Lisa and I were trying to see whose hair was darker. This was taken late at night, after work, tired & no make-up. Try not to be scared!

Wednesday night both girls stayed with my Mom and I took advantage of having the afternoon child-free and met Lisa at this new cafe, Local Coffee. The name just got me.
It was set up with a contemporary edge but the white painted brick, low lights and comfortable seating made it very cozy.

And the drinks were soooo good. And the price? Exceptional! The drink I usually buy at Starbucks, Carmel Frapp, cost's around $4.00. Here the serve the Carmelo and it was.....$2.50!
Lisa's version of the Skinny Latte, delicious and pretty!
My iced coffee....
Lisa and Jakob relaxing in the comfy chairs....
Did I mention the amazing art that hung all around the cafe? This one was one of my favorites. I think it looks like a fushia whale tail. The asking price? $4500! I better not buy any more coffees if I want to buy it!
The only problem was that they closed earlier than Starbucks. Sooooo.... being the coffee lovers that we are, we loaded up and headed to Starbucks. Here is Jakob telling me goodbye.
I went home to watch the Spurs beat the Mavericks. Today the Mavericks beat the Timberwolves. Wednesday the Spurs meet up against the Mavs again. It's so hard because I love both teams so much! But when they meet I guess I have to lean more towards the Spurs. Right? Sorry Dirk!
After work Lena, Emil and I went to Hu Hot Mongolian Restaurant. I loooooooove that place. It is oh, so good!
Tomorrow Emil and I are attending the wedding of a girl that works in one of his jewelry stores. She is super sweet. Her husband-to-be is the accordian player for the Sunny Saucedo band. I don't really listen to Tejano music but this band has won Latin Grammies, so they must be pretty good. Anyway, I'm sure it will be a beautiful wedding and include lots of fun music and dancing. I hope I have lots of good pictures to share with you.
Lisa wants to go see the movie 2012 tomorrow after the wedding if there is enough time. I don't know. That movie kinda scares me. So, that's my plans for this weekend. What about you? What fun things do you have planned?


A Little Of This And That

Your hair looks lovely. Bangs suit you. I never could wear bangs, for some reason.


Bangs are cool, BUT YOU should have warned me that my pics would be posted on your blog, I could have placed a smudge of make-up so not to scare your fans!


LOL... your crazy! You looked beautiful as usual. Now me... that is another story... my splotchy skin and freckles. I looked like crappola!!

Shelley Germann

Those are some beautiful pieces! I wouldn't dream of using them. And how lucky to have a friend with such good taste!

I also enjoyed your story about the haunted hotel. Lots of history! I wonder if I'll ever be down that way? Then, remember to go!

Thanks for sharing.

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