Thursday, November 5, 2009

Of COURSE I Have My Camera.... I'm a Blogger

Today when I came home from work Emil decided to go look at a perspective location for a new shop. As we were walking out of the house he asked me if I had my camera.... And I HAD to reply....

"Of course I have my camera....I'm a blogger!"

Has this happened to any of you? Have you noticed that the more you blog your camera just becomes a fixture in your bag? Kinda like your wallet, phone and make-up bag?

After scoping out the new possible locale we decided to run by the library and return some old books and check out new books. Papa Bear even came along which made the trip even better! I did manage to get my camera out of my bag and snap a quick picture of Emil and Lena.
I talked Lena into getting a Nancy Drew book. After much persuasion she gave in and checked one out. I snapped this pic over my shoulder before she could hide her face.
Last Saturday Payless had 50% off everything with a coupon found on Oprah's website. You could also text and get the 50%off code delivered to your phone. I did that. Soooo... the girls and I headed over to Payless right before closing and this is what we came home with.
Sierra choose the really pretty black heels.
A close up of the details... They are so pretty. High, yes... but I thought she made a good choice.
Lena choose black flats. They have ribbon detail on top.
These cute pink shoes (Lena's) were on sale for $6... with the code.....$3!
Each girl got three pairs of socks...
Lena's sock lot....
The whole take home... 3 pairs of shoes and 6 pairs of socks. Grand total.....$34!
I just wanted to add a few pics of my baby Charlie. We only let him out when we are out to make sure he doesn't run off.
About 2 yrs ago Charlie got out and someone in my neighborhood took it upon themself to chase him (I later learned) with blankets and towels and forced him in a cage. They then took him to a wildlife refuge about an hour away. The week he was gone was one of the worst weeks in my life. When we finally got him home he had lost so much weight from missing us... missing me. Lena said, "Mom, Charlie looks weird. He head got bigger than his body." So.... my baby NEVER goes out alone. EVER!
Now any normal person would retaliate. And believe me I wanted to. I dreamed of everything you can imagine...seriously. But in the end the only thing I did was let my little neighbor girl ding-dong ditch the catnapper at about 3 AM. Believe me.... that was NOTHING compared to what I wanted to do to her!
Both girls are spending the night with my mom. The Spurs will be playing in about 30 mins. The weekend is almost here. I can't wait. I plan on doing...nothing! What about you? Do you have any plans for this weekend?


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