Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mantle Ideas

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the freshness and soft colors popping out. I love the wildflowers blooming and the variety of fresh flowers to be bought at the stores.
I also always start itching to redo my mantle as soon as spring rolls around. This spring it's bad...really bad...I want to do some MAJOR changes!
For the past couple - scratch that- for the past FOREVER I have the same basic mantle basics, mosaic tiles hurricanes, clock and candles. I want changes!
And I want COLOR!!!

When you need decorating ideas, where else do you turn? Pinterest, of course!!!

I really love the rustic-ness of this mantle. I would do this in a heartbeat if Emil would let me. But he wouldn't. And neither would CC!

What I love about this mantle is the large painting behind it. I have a large painting above my mantle and it kind of hinders items that can be placed in the middle of the mantle. I usually have to keep decorations low, as this one has, which is probably why I haven't switched it out much. But I love the reds, love the cherry blossoms and adore the bunnies. I want bunnies on my mantle!

I love the simplicity of this mantle. I love the wooden log! And the votives inside are just perfect! I love candles on my mantle so this would work out perfect!!! And I love the green. I want green on my mantle! If Emil would let me I would totally copy this look.

This one has a bit much going on for me but I love the little topiaries. I think I would take away the layers mirrors and the wreath and add some bunnies....And no spring banner. I'm not a fan of banners spread out around the house. This one is pretty monotone in color so that's ok, but my Toby would have that banner pulled down in a matter of minutes. I can just see him swinging from it now.....

Now THIS is a mantle I could honestly see myself having. It's a bit more formal than the way I really want to go but it does match the living room...and it's green and has candles....I really, really like this. The bonus is I really wouldn't have to purchase very much, it looks like I have all the items all ready.

BUT if I could have any mantle I wanted and decorate it any way that pleased me and IF Emil and CC wouldn't crash my girly plans....THIS is the mantle I would put up in the living room...and maybe in my bedroom....

It's absolutely perfect!! I love every aspect of it.... every single detail is just what I love.....



Oh, what fun to play with new decors ... I love the first one & would add a touch of pink with that green.

How are you & what's going on in your world?

Have a lovely day ~

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Thanks so much for your visit! I like these mantels too! They are all great!

Ivy and Elephants

Just happened across your lovely blog, and saw the gorgeous mantles! I agree, the last one is perfect in every way. I am a new follower and am inviting you to join our link party, we'd love to have you share your mantles!

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