Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 Years Next Month

Next month will be my and Emil's ten year wedding anniversary. (We've been together 17 years!)
With my starting a new job it just won't be possible for us to go away for a week or so as planned/hoped for. ( He wanted Vegas where we got married. I hoped a little bigger, like Italy! Ha!)
So instead I am booking us a weekend at the beautiful new Hotel Eilan where my dear friend just started as a manager.
This hotel literally has everything you could want...10000 sq ft of spa space, 10000 sq ft of gym space, dancing fountains, hill country views, rain forrest head showers, cool neutral name it! I am really looking forward to it!
Here's a few pics I took during my tour...

Check out the view...

Indoor pool with sky light....

I am really looking forward to going!
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So pretty! Congrats!!!


Congrats April!!! I know you and Emil will have a wonderful time!!! The place is gorgeous... I would not mind having to force myself to go to work everyday :)!!


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