Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tourists In Our Own Town (3/20/12)

Last Tuesday, we had to take care of some business downtown. It was beautiful weather out and Emil decided we should make a day of it! We went to the Riverwalk, walked around, ate, took a boat tour and ended the day with Starbucks!. It was a perfect day!

Despite having lived here almost 20 years, I have never "walked" the Riverwalk. I've walked past parts here and there but never enjoyed it the way we did Tuesday. AND the water was still green from St. Patrick's Day!

I caught a tender moment between my girls. I have to admit, I am so fortunate that this really is how they are most of the time!

We walked around until we found a restaurant and pub called Mad Dog's. The decor was really cute, inside and out.

I didn't even notice the money hanging from the ceiling until I was posting this pic!

Lena ordered an amazing Chef Salad, CC had the veggie burger (it was delicious!)....

And Papa Bear and I ordered this... Longhorn Ale or something like that. It was sooo good!

After filling up on food we hopped on the tour boat and took a ride along the river.

There are many bridges like this along the Riverwalk connecting both sides of the river.

This cute house was on one side. The tour guide didn't say what it was or what it was used for. I wished she would have.

I think this is the St. Anthony hotel...not sure...but that was our tour guide...Elizabeth Taylor! Ha!

She said the Indians would hide in this tree and attack the soldiers as they came around the river bend.

Here she said legend has it that when the walls were being put up, two sprigs fell in these cracks and now two different types of trees grow out of it.

This was the Aztec Theatre. Charlie Chaplin performed there. You get to the theatre by a water taxi.

Me and my Lena going under one of the bridges....

Emil and CC.....

After our boat tour we stopped by Starbucks....

The little birdies were scooping up our crumbs... This little guy was my favorite!

We had a wonderful time spending the day together. We haven't done anything like that in quite a while. And we learned alot about our city. Fiesta is coming up next month...I CANNOT WAIT!



April- I visited San Antonio with my BFF a few years ago and the Riverwalk was definitely a highlight of the visit. She's a Texan by birth so she took me on a tour all thoughout Hill Country. It sounds as if you had as good a time as we did! I'd like to go back someday with the husband- he'd like it for sure. :-) Sue

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Looks like a FABuLOUS day!

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