Monday, March 26, 2012

Feb Showers Bring March Flowers??? (3/24-25/2012)

All the rain we have been getting lately has really made all the wildflowers bloom!! Last year, because of the drought, there were hardly any wildflowers around here. I LOVE seeing them along the road!!
Yesterday the girls and I went to Austin for the morning. This was something we enjoyed doing often when I wasn't working. Since we haven't gone and just wasted they day away in a few weeks, we woke up early, picked up Bill Miller breakfast tacos and headed the back roads to Austin!
We saw tons of thick patches of bluebonnets!! I love, love, LOVE bluebonnets!!!

All along Loop 1 in Austin were these beautiful yellow wildflowers and bluebonnets!

On the way home from Austin was this field full of purple wildflowers. We weren't the only admirers pulling over and taking photos!

A close-up of the little flower responsible for all the prettiness!!

Things are blooming here at home too. It seems in the last week or two our grapevine has just exploded!!!!

There are even some clusters starting!

CC's salvia is blooming and spreading so pretty!

About two years ago we threw down some wildflower seeds in our weed/flower bed. We didn't get bluebonnets this year but we do have those pretty purple and yellow flowers!

My roses are also budding. I have one knockout bloom so far and about five more buds on the bush. My Peace rose has two buds and my red rose bush has a few buds as well. No buds or blooms on my white rose bush but my goodness, it looks like it doubled in size since last spring/summer!!


This has been a really nice, low-key weekend, except for our shopping excursion in Austin yesterday. This morning I visited my best friend Pam in her new home. She made chorizo and eggs for us. Then I visited Mom for a while and picked up Lena. The weather was so pretty outside Emil decided we should go to the park for a little while. He has been stuck in the shop working so much he needed a little time away. We bought ice cream and went to the park. There were so many people there and it was pretty warm, so we went for a drive and ended up at the Guadalupe State Park. We didn't go in but have made plans to fish and relax next weekend!


I can't believe I will be starting my fourth week at my job. I have learned so much it's unbelievable! So far I am really liking it and I am seeing the potential in advancement within the company. AND Mitt Romney is going to be speaking there this week... I..AM..SO..EXCITED!!!! While I have made some great friends and really like what I'm doing, I do miss my girls and Emil. I spend alot of my day thinking about what I would be doing if I were home with them and wondering what they are doing... It's going to take some time, and it's getting better. But for now everything is looking good!



Those are all beautiful flowers-I love that Spring is hopefully getting here early! Thanks for stopping by!



Ok, I'm sure I am telling you something you already know, but are you familiar with Tommy Depaola's "Legend of the Bluebonnet" ? I actually memorized that Indian legend in elementary school for a storytelling competition, and went all the way and won at the top level! It was all the story - had my 3rd grade teacher in tears!

Ever since I recited the story, I have longed to see the bluebonnets myself - maybe someday! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!



OMYGOSH....Mitt Romney speaking....I would LOVE to hear him....and seeing him would be awesome.'

Austin area always has the most beautiful bluebonnets and wild flowers. Ya'll have a lot more rain than we do here in West Texas. Our winds are too high and too hot to have all the pretty flowers. Enjoy the heck outa them. :))

Town and Country Gals

the wildflowers are amazing, so gorgeous! The colors are so clear and bright, what a sight to see in person! Loved your photos. Thanks for visiting!

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