Saturday, March 17, 2012

Evening at the Cirque...

This evening my Papa Bear and I went out on a little date. We had the most fun, enjoyable and relaxing time. It was much needed!!
We saw Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. I absolutely LOVE Cirque...they are amazing! Alegria is my absolute, hands down favorite, Quidam is my second. It was nothing short of amazing!

The skipping ropes were one of my favorite parts of the show. The real action start around the two minute mark...

Emil's favorite part were these two. Their bodies are AMAZING!!! It was unreal!

The final act drew a standing ovation....

Yesterday Emil and I and the girls, along with their friend Priscilla went to Austin to celebrate me passing my Texas State Adjuster License. This past week has been so stressful and hard. I didn't realize how much I stressed myself out...surviving on caffeine and little to no sleep. But I passed and I guess it was all worth it. Now the fun part begins! Six weeks of training, then I'm out on the floor.
I am really liking my job. I have made some amazing friends and have learned so much. I didn't think it was possible to like a job this much...but I do!
Today, CC, Lena, Priscilla and I got up and around a little after lunch, well...a lot after lunch. We looked at some model homes, went to eat frozen yogurt, then I got the girls pizza and movies.
Hopefully next weekend will be a weekend of simply doing nothing. I haven't had one of those weekends in months! (or at least it feels like it!) And I am starting to itch for Galveston....
Not much else has been going on here. CC has really stepped up to the plate and has helped me so much here around the house cooking and cleaning. She has been wonderful!

And since I don't have much else to write, I will end this post with Alegria....


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