Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Making Changes

We joined Lifetime Fitness last week. We all realize the need to get healthy. I've often seen obese people and wondered how they let themselves get to that point. When did they reach the point that they just gave up?

I don't want to get to that point. I'm not trying to be a certain weight or fit into a certain size jeans. I want to feel good. I want to be healthy. And I want my family to be right there with me. There have been days where I don't feel like going but I push myself to be there...

And I always feel 100 times better when I leave. I'm even thinking about setting my alarm an hour earlier and getting some time in in the mornings. I already feel like I have more energy. And I like that!

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Good for you! I go work out when my little ones are in school, not as often as I should, but I always feel better when I leave!


I can tell you as an obese person that we resent the judgment from others that we have just given up. I will never give up, and work daily to try to change. I can't speak for every other fat person, but don't assume we have all given up. Thanks.


Hey April,
I'm trying to catch up on my blog buddies and I saw your post...which made me go back a few days and catch up. So sorry I missed out being there with a few words of encouragement. I promise to check in more often. i don't always post things I would like to about my MS because I don't want to worry my mom, so I've thought of writing on a private blog also. I could write more here but better stop. Hang in there sweetie...you'll get through this! I'll be praying for you...

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