Sunday, April 8, 2012

Talk About A 180....

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling great! It was pretty early and the birds were singing. Since I started working I haven't heard the birds sing in the mornings. I had just realized that. So I laid in bed, while the rest of the house slept, and listened to the birds sing.

I really wanted to go do some garage sale-ing but didn't feel like getting dressed and didn't want to go alone. The girls were still asleep. I got up, quietly made some coffee and snuggled on the bed with my boys to watch some tv. I can't remember the last time I laid in bed to watch TV. It's been so long that my remote was dusty!

The girls and I headed over to Mom in the afternoon to check on her. She had gall bladder surgery on March 30. She should be healed up and driving by now (at least that's what her surgeon told me.). Instead she is in so much pain across her back and shoulder. It's extremely difficult for her to breathe. She feels like she's going to pass out. Her heart races so fast she can't catch her breath. She said it feels like its going to pop out of her chest. I was thinking she's just stressed and worrying and tensing herself up.
I was SO VERY wrong.
I noticed yesterday her cough didn't sound right. Then she told me she started coughing up blood. I had to convince her to go to the ER. She didn't want to.
The staff took her in immediately. They scanned her for a pulmonary embolism. She has one, or a few.
I spoke with her surgeon twice last night. She has a few small blood clots "sprinkled here and there" in her left lung. She also has pretty severe pneumonia. And they found spots in her liver that "look worrisome".
So for now she is in the hospital and not leaving until the blood clots dissolve.
I never imagined it would be this. Never. I thought I was going to spend this weekend washing all my laundry and maybe get some dusting in. It's crazy the way things can change so fast and unexpectedly. I'm just so thankful she wasn't too hard headed to go check it out. Left untreated, it could have been so much worse.
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