Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dirty Laundry

Charlie hates my cell phone and the remote. Anytime either one is close to him he fights and bites it. Of course the girls pick on him relentlessly.

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Anyway after my interview with Southwest I had to go see Ms. Lassen. She is the sweetest thing. She's 83, from Denmark, has lived a full and happy life and has the most amazing stories. Today she told me about her grandfather. He was in the Danish Navy and drove a handsome (sp?) taxi in France. Something spooked the horse and it reared up sending a spike through his midsection. It just happens that the princess of Denmark who was French but married a Danish prince was in town visiting her parents. She got word of the Danish naval officer was injured and she personally visited him in the hospital the day after his accident. He hadn't even been cleaned up. As Ms. Lassen said "The French are known for fashion, not cleanliness." So this princess arranged for Ms. Lassen's grandfather to be sent to Denmark and receive the nest care. Unfortunately he died three months later leaving behind a 26 yr old widow with three kids under five. Now this princess had a brother who was supposedly very good looking. He liked to visit hid sister in Denmark because, as she said "Danish girls were easy." The princess' brother ended up getting some Danish girl pregnant. His sister made sure the baby was adopted by a good honorable wealthy family. The little girl that was adopted ended up being Ms. Lassen's mother in law. She said Anna was sent to the best school and went to a finishing school in Belgium. She said she could hand make lace and was a true lady in every sense of the word. It was very interesting. And this is Ms. Lassen's sweet cat, Miss Lily Bloodsworth.

Onto another subject....dirty laundry. HOW, really HOW do my kids make clothes so dirty so fast? This is my laundry after not washing for two days. TWO DAYS!!!

I saw a Terry cloth wrap in there that Lena literally wore fresh from the laundry from her restroom to her bedroom. A whole ten feet away and now BOOM... All of a sudden it's dirty again. This drives me nuts. There is no stop to laundry. NONE!! Ugh! I feel like a non-stop laundry machine. I can NEVER get caught up. Never.
When we got back from Austin Papa Bear had the table set and had grilled out ribs and sausages. It was so nice and thoughtful of him. I just LOVE my Papa Bear. Right now I'm laying on the couch watching "The Reef" with CC. I am so ready to kick my feet up and rest!

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