Friday, June 17, 2011


Wow.... I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. I haven't fallen that far behind in quite a while! We have just been so busy with work (which is a good thing) and it's been so hot we haven't really had time to do anything......

I snatched this photo from my friends facebook page. THIS is the reason we have been keeping ourselves safe's so hot! The temp on his car is measuring a whopping 107 degrees... I can only imagine what the heat index was!

My last post showed my new white bed sheets that I am still in love with. As I was taking the sheets off to wash, Charlie decided to be a kitten again and got himself wrapped up in them. When he was just a baby he would run to the bed when he saw me putting fresh sheets on, or taking them off, and he would dive under the sheets and get real wild. I loved playing with him when he did that. It's nice to see some of that spark come back from time to time. He's usually so grouchy!

We had a rough time getting him out though....he had enough playing and wanted to sleep!

My Papa Bear also surprised me with a new phone. I am still figuring out how to take pictures with it. It has an HD option for videos and photos and a flash... Lena was one of the first to try the camera out.

Lately I have been obsessed with making French Toast for breakfast. Papa Bear makes probably the best French Toast I have ever tasted. I'm trying to catch up with him! I like to add some coffee sweetener (French Vanilla, Creme Brulee) in with my egg mixture but he doesn't like the French Toast sweet so I've been leaving it out for him.

I have complained before about the little squirrel in my back yard. He has destroyed 5 crepe myrtle trees, over 20 new baby basil we had sprouting, tomato plants, a sweet potato vine and knocks over the wheel barrows in my rose garden. He is a NIGHTMARE! The other morning I walked into the kitchen and caught him in the act.... he was swinging himself in CC's hanging sweet potato vine....

The basket was just rocking back and forth!! This picture really reminds me I need to go clean my window! Ha! And this is the same little booger that will throw acorns at Luigi!

CC needed some supplies for her Guinea Pigs, so we headed over to Pet Supply Plus Wednesday. We decided to take Luigi with us since it's pet friendly. Luigi decided to get in the front seat. We had a heck of a time getting him to the back seat. See Lena patiently waiting for him to move?

We've also had such pretty full (and almost full) moons. Last night was just amazing. It looked so close to us. I was driving so I couldn't get a picture. This is from Tuesday night.....

Last night CC and I rushed to Austin before the store closed at 9. We literally just made it. I walked into the store at 8:56! We hadn't eaten and I drove like a mad woman at 80+mph to get there in time. So, after we successfully walked back to the car at 9:01 (all that rushing for 5 minutes of work! Ha!) we decided to stop at this delicious Chinese restaurant Serg told us about and Papa Bear and I tried...China Dynasty. Oh, it's so delicious!!!

And it's so pretty inside. They have the most relaxing instrumental music playing and the owners are so sweet and attentive. And the food....amazing!! I have been dying to try out the camera on my phone. CC was a bit apprehensive about modeling for me....

But then she finally gave in!

And if I look half's because I was!! I had just rushed like a maniac, I hadn't eaten since breakfast (not that it would hurt me!) and I was tired...just plain exhausted! It was so nice to sit down and not have to worry about time for once!

I ordered the Moo Goo Gai Pan. Simply amazing!!

CC ordered Sweet and Sour Shrimp. This is what I ordered the first time Papa Bear and I went. It is soooooo good! CC is not a fan of Chinese food but she did say this was the best she's had, she never expected it to be this good.

Lena stayed with my Mom because she put highlights in her hair and she was nervous about coming home and Daddy seeing it. Mom laughed and said Emil is probably used to it, bless his heart! Ever since he has been in this family my Papa Bear has seen Mom and me with every possible hair color imaginable! Seriously! Mom worked in salons for many years and changing hair color is just something you do! Light for summer, dark for fall. It's pretty normal in our house. CC had her first highlights when she was about 4! I need to find the picture of that! Ha!


I think my niece is coming for a visit this weekend. She is just the sweetest little thing. I have to prep myself for three kids. It's going to be a challenge. I like things structured and quite...we've been trying to find things to do to keep her busy that doesn't cost a fortune AND will keep us out of the heat. It turns out there isn't much! I NEED IDEAS! Ok. I need to get cleaning now.... laundry never seems to cease! Nor does sweeping, and dusting, and folding......



Oh, it's hot here as well, as it seems to be everywhere. Cute post, love the cat!


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