Monday, June 6, 2011

Whole Lotta Nothing.....

Lately we have been doing a whole lot of nothing...
It's too hot!!!!
Last Tuesday Papa Bear and I ate at a Chinese restaurant in Austin and found this cute cupcake place next door. It's called Cupprimo. So, when Lena and I went to Austin later in the week we stopped by and brought some cupcakes home. Oh My Word!!! They were delicious!! Honestly, I think even better than the Polkadot Cupcake Factory. We will definitely be back!!

I did finally put my new sheets on. I bought some a white sheet set a few weeks ago but was hesitant to put them on my bed. I am so glad I did. I now love white sheets. Maybe because it's so hot outside and it makes it at least look cooler inside for a while if I use my imagination really hard! Ha! But honestly, I am really loving the look of fresh white sheets on my bed!

I have cooked non-stop lately.... Friday was taco night. We had the works, taco shells, chalupa shells, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, sour creme, beans and rice. Saturday I was up the entire day making the Russian potato salad and piroshki, both potato and beef. Today I made pizzas.
It's just so hot I don't know what else to do. I don't want to be outside. We visited Mom today and ran a few errands and it nearly did me in!! We broke a record today. The highest temp on record today was 100 at 5pm some years back. At 10am we were already at 90 degrees and I think we hit 101 today. There is no rain or relief in sight. Welcome to a Texas summer..... I'm ready for winter!


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