Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What A Wednesday!!!.

Wow!! This Wednesday started off just plain WILD!! Yesterday the girls and I went to Austin and Papa Bear went to play cards with his friend. It was late when I got home so we snacked a bit, the girls went to bed and I went to catch up on some blogs. Papa Bear called me and told me the car died on him on the way home. For two hours we tried all we could and my poor baby just wouldn't start! She has over 250k miles, but I love her. THEN when we came home and I was rushing inside to get some things and the car door pushed hard against my long long pinkie nail and cracked it right in half, mid pink bed. It hurts like something you can't believe!!

I have been so hungry for something different. I looked up a few recipes for Turkey Burgers and found a really good simple one. I tried it yesterday and it turned out sooo good!

I think I am completely off of beef burgers. This turkey was amazing! I topped it with sliced avocado and smoked Gouda cheese. It was delicious!
Instead of mayo I put this Kraft's Greek Goddess on my burger buns. It was amazing. This dressing totally took the turkey burger to new heights!

Today two of my sweet squirrel friends came to visit. This one relaxed on the back patio and the bigger, badder one was playing in my rose garden. This is one battle I can't win. I just have had to learn to accept them and their bad habits!

I eyed this plate set at Target today. I really, really like it. I showed this picture to CC and wrinkled her nose and said, "Ewww, no!" I know there is no point even showing Emil because he will side with her. But I really, really like it!

And today CC and I were going to the meeting I realized I wore flip-flops out! We made a quick stop and I picked up these cute wedges....

They are super cute and super comfortable! AND they were only $13!! You CAN'T beat that!
I love the open toe design...

Also today I had a phone interview with Southwest Airlines. Tomorrow I go in for a face to face interview. I am not too sure about the position. The pay is nothing to get excited about. The hours are horrendous, mandatory overtime, on call all day and all weekend and holidays. The only perk so far is free flights for you and your immediate family. BUT with all that overtime please tell me when I will be available to fly anywhere!! I am not getting my hopes up. They were up but after the phone interview were shot right down. I'm going to the Face to Face interview tomorrow to get more information and ask a few questions. Right now I feel like what happens will happen. I can just pray and hope to see the right answer.

I can't believe June is almost over. This is unbelievable!! Where has the month gone? Time is flying too fast! But on the bright side, I guess each day we are closer to winter and can get out of these 100+ degree days!!



The burger looks great. Not a bad idea for this Independence day. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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