Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Park & Pizza

We girls got this crazy idea to go to the dog park so Luigi could play. CRAZY because it was almost 100 degrees at lunch time!! We did take lots of drinks with us. As CC watched Luigi played I took the girls to the playground area.
At first Lena was a bit apprehensive about climbing.

She quickly got over it!

Ari went right at it! She was climbing and jumping all over the place. Notice I put a bow in her hair? I was so happy to have a little girl I could put bows on!!

I think this is my favorite photo of the day!!

Ari is fearless... fearless I tell you!

When we walked over to another area I saw the ground was cracking open. We have been so hot and so dry here it's unbelievable!! CC told me my backyard is starting to do this too!

The girls found this cute play thing. You stand up in it and with the weight of your body move it in circles. The girls were leaning a bit and spinning like crazy! It looked so fun!! I wished I could have joined them but there were too many other adults around and I didn't want to make a fool of myself! Ha!!

Lena couldn't wait to swing. Even though we were so hot and tired Lena really wanted to swing!

Arianna had never had homemade pizza! So, we decided to treat her to it this evening. I was lazy (exhausted from all the heat) and went with store bought pizza crusts instead of making it homemade like I usually do. I laid all the toppings out so we each could put what we wanted on our pizza.

Fresh mozzarella...nothing like it!

fresh mushrooms

Italian sausage. Ari had never had this either. She LOVED it!

fresh basil.... a must in our house!

some fresh tomatoes....

and of course pepperoni.....

Ari really enjoyed making her own pizza....

Our tummies were all full from dinner. It was sooooo good! It's so good and so simple to make.

Right now we are making Rainbow Cupcakes. It's alot of work but it's pretty and the girls have truly enjoyed making them!! They can hardly wait for them to cool so we can frost them.

Right now Lena and Ari are sitting at the table playing music videos on YouTube and singing. Papa Bear is laying in bed watching George Lopez and CC is in her room with Luigi and Toby.

I am relishing these days that I have a few minutes to blog! I am usually so rushed! And to be honest there is a heap of clothes waiting to be washed. And they can wait until tomorrow!! This momma needs a rest!


Natalia Lynn

I totally feel ya about the few minutes to blog! That pizza looks soooo yummy!! And what a fun idea for a dinner! I will have to do this with my boys, great way to get them involved!

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