Sunday, May 29, 2011

HOT Memorial Day Weekend...

I checked the weather forecast yesterday and this is what I saw....

Look at these temps!!!

It's only the end of May....what in the world is this summer going to be like??


Friday evening we all drove down to Yoakum to watch my nephew graduatate high school. You might remember him from this post, playing his last high school football game before leaving to college on a full scholarship.

We are so proud of him. It hasn't been easy for him but he did it!!

Half of the graduating class of 2011!

My Papa Bear even came ! He made Quin such an awesome dogtag. Quin had been wanting one for years....Papa definitely delivered! Quin was so excited. Mom will probably KILL me for putting this picture on here!

Well, it's 11:35 Sunday morning and I'm already sweating!! I need to hop in the shower!


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