Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rose Garden Make Over

Two weeks ago my mother came over and we stopped at a few garage sales in the neighborhood. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular. We drove past this one house and there was a little wooden wheelbarrow by the curb for $5. I told Mom I have to have that to put in my rose garden! This was an amazing yard sale! I bought CC so many pretty salwar kameez's. I need to post those pictures.
Anyway, I bought a couple of bags of red mulch to lay down new in the rose garden and placed my new wheelbarrows!

I love putting our potted herbs in veggies in the wheelbarrows. They are pretty and useful!

I moved somethings around in the rose garden. Luigi would find a way to sleep between the roses and in the process push out all the mulch and kick the rose bushes out of the way. This huge pot was purchased at Home Goods last year for $12.

Our bad little squirrel found a new home in it. When I moved it, it was full of his acorns.
He has been successful now in killing three of my crape myrtles!!

When I was paying for my items the lady asked me if I wanted more wheelbarrows. She sent her son off to get them.

He brought out two more. They were each a bit damaged. One had a piece of wood coming un-nailed and the other's wheel lost some of the spokes. She said for $3 I could have these other two.

I snatched them up! I knew they would look great in between the rose bushes. Then I would be able to take an old bag of mulch out and several little rakes. Luigi was persistent to get in the rose bed... I had to get creative to have something between each bush to keep him out.

In the green pot is chives that were planted from seeds and the other pot is miniature roses.

I had to even put a tomato wire thingy around the pomegranate tree because he kicked it around so much trying to lay next to it that it was completely unearthed!

I love the way the rose garden looks now with fresh red mulch and the rustic wheelbarrows!!

This wheelbarrow holds our tomato plants.

I wish I would just get a few more blooms. My roses were soooo good for a period then nothing. How can I wake them up and get some more blooms????

It's been so fun planting these herbs and watching them grow. CC even started a little sprout from the seed of a Cutie tangerine! We are really hoping that one will take off!!

I am so happy we stopped at that yard sale. I was worried Papa Bear would be upset that I brought home three decorative wheel barrows but when he saw how great they look in the rose garden he asked me if she had any more! Ha!

The lady that I purchased them from said they originally came from Kirklands and were $45 each. I believe that! They are still in great condition overall. I was thinking about painting them, a couple red and one white, but I think I like this weathered wood look better!!


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