Friday, May 13, 2011

JUST What I Needed!

I am so happy to report that finals are finally over and I may have something of a life back!! It has not been easy going to school, trying to study, helping the girls with their homeschool and using 85% of my time helping Papa Bear in his shop. By the grace of God I passed my Anatomy and Physiology class!! Not only did I pass it, I passed it with a B!! I can't believe it! It was super hard (and I had "0" study time) and I thought I would be content to pass with a C. So, needless to say I was super happy when I checked my grades online.

Wednesday after I got home from school, I picked the girls up and we headed to the bookstore. We are supposed to do our front yard tomorrow ourselves...since the landscapers never showed up!! Oh well, it will be good exercise. The girls and I looked through some books for ideas and we are all liking this one. I LOVE the idea of white gravel between the bushes! That is what sold me!

After the bookstore we ran through Wal-Mart for guinea pig bedding and to look what types of mulch and compost they had. We had a quick run through the garden department and ended up taking home a basil plant, four tomato plants and a blueberry bush! I think I need to stay out of there for a while. I have a teeny tiny back yard and no room to put all this stuff!!

Lena enjoyed picking up flowers that had dropped on the ground...and one's that I'm sure she helped along drop as well!

While we were there Nick called and asked if we could keep Kamila until he got off of work. Lena and Kamila loved seeing each other and they especially loved these rockers there. I could hardly get them out of them!!

I picked up Subway for dinner and headed home. Nick met us here and picked up Kamila.

Thursday us girls went up to Austin. We had a good time, bought some good fudge!! Lena recreated the "Vegas, baby" scene from The Hangover..the girls got a good laugh out of that!

I had plans to meet my friend Lisa after she got off of work and go to Brasserie Pavil's French restaurant for drinks and appetizers. She called me and told me they were going to Houlihans and to meet there. I'm not a huge fan of loud, noisy, cramped restaurants where you have to stand and scream to talk to the other people and have people looking for one thing. Not my cup of tea! So I walked in, felt so uncomfortable, told everyone goodbye and left about 5 minutes later. I have had such a stressful few months, all I wanted was to have a couple of glasses of wine and listen to some soft music in the background.

CC asked me why I came home so early and I explained how it was over there. She said, "Mama, I'll go with you." So us three girls loaded up and headed over. It was almost closing time so we ordered quick. It was sooo good!

We did manage to take a few photos before we left.

It might not have been the evening I had planned but it was a perfect ending to the day. The girls had a great time. I had a great time. We laughed and laughed. It was exactly what I needed!


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