Monday, May 9, 2011

So I Don't Forget...

Saturday a neighborhood close to me was having a neighborhood garage sale. I had planned to wake up super early and go check it out. However, seeing that I never get to sleep in, I took advantage and slept til 9:30! Mom called and asked if I was still going and I said yes, I just needed to wake up first. Most of the sales were all baby items, something I have absolutely no use for!! But we found one....I drove past because I saw the cutest yard decorations, miniature wheel barrows for $5!! There were also traditional Indian salwar kameez. I scored BIG over time for pics now. Of course, I'm studying!

Sunday Mom came over and we went to church together. It was AMAZING!! The point that stuck with me the most is this: The Devil doesn't matter if you love God and love what is good. He is concerned that you still have a little love for what is bad! Powerful!! Makes you think! After church we found a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant (we were brave to try it!). It turned out to be really really good!!

Today I had my Anatomy final. I also had to make up a missed test over the bones. The lab portion where I labeled the types of bones and their processes: Trochlear, medial epicondyle, cranial sutures, etc..that went ok. Then he gave me a written portion with 8 questions I was totally unprepared for. I had studied the workbook activities, online quizzes and course contents. I scored good on those. But what he gave me today threw me for a curve!! I know I failed miserably!! He wanted me to "briefly describe the chemical components of the matrix. Explain how each assists in the building up of bone strength. What are the roles of the osteocytes and osteoblasts and how do the work in regulating bone size. (That one's not so bad!) What are the five steps for secondary ossification? Where does it occur and how?" and on and on. Some of the questions I know for a fact we have NEVER studied!! Oh well. If I pass this class with a 70 I will be greatful! Right now I am trying to study for my Central Nervous System make-up test and I honestly have no idea where to start. I am doing the online quizzes but they didn't help me any on today's test.

Tomorrow and Wednesday and then I am through for this semester! Thank goodness!! It has been hard. Either I am really getting old or this is really getting hard...or maybe I just don't have the time necessary to do really well in this class.

I also won a really cute bracelet giveaway from Fashion Momma..and of course, pictures will follow. Soon! And you can check out this giveaway ... a $500 giveaway to her Town and Country has so many beautiful items!


Julie Harward

Thanks for your visit. Sounds like you are a busy lady, way to go with the win here too! Come say hi any time :D


Thank you so very much for your comment today - it meant a great deal to me :) All this time I had never seen your blog, and I am so glad to finally be reading YOU! Have a lovely day, darlin!

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