Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Almost Finished....

with this semester! I took my last make -up test today. It wasn't quite as hard as the make up test I took yesterday. I am passing the class right now, not with a grade I am particularly proud of but I am passing. He said I should pass as long as these two make up tests come back with decent grades. His words were, "As long as you don't make a 20 or something...." I would be so lucky to make a 20 on what he gave me yesterday....ugh! It was hard!

So tomorrow I take my Math final and if all goes well this will be my last Math class...ever!!! However, I was thinking about taking Pre-Cal for fun. I don't know if I'm crazy enough to do that though!!

When I came home from school I started cleaning and helping Papa Bear. I didn't have to go to Austin today. I stayed home and cleaned the garage and studied for tomorrow. CC was in the kitchen and called me to the window and it sounded pretty urgent. She pointed out the window and this is what I saw.....

We didn't know if it was dead or alive, hurt or ok... I looked closer and saw it was breathing pretty fast. So, I went outside to check on him. As soon as I stepped out it ran off....and Luigi was running after it. I guess Mr. Squirrel (the reason my Crape Myrtle's keep dying) just wanted to rest in the shade! I guess I can't really blame him!

Our second landscaper stood us up again today. The first stood us up then came two weeks later and asked if we still wanted his services. I should have said "yes" but I thought surely with the money we were planning to pay the second guy he would have been running over here to redo the yard. Guess I guessed wrong again! So now I get to spend my weekend doing it all myself. I am praying he comes later in the week and Papa Bear will not be mad and just let the guy do it!


Sue (Someone's Mom)

I went back and finished my degree as an adult a few years ago...it was hard, but I loved it anyway. I really loved it as each sememster ended and I survived! I appreciate anyone who is studying while raising a family...I understand just how hard that is!


The squirrels are ruining a lot of things in my yard. I have not found one that still. I did have a dead possum tho. Trust you do well on your test. I am sure it will all turn out better than you think. Best wishes to you whatever you decide to do.

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