Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unbelievable Freebies

We had friends that moved here from Russia and bought a house... It was supposed to be thier vacation home. They left after two or three months and never came back. Just last week their house sold so they asked us if we would help the movers pack their belongings and ship it to Russia. They had an entire house full of furniture! The wife is an interior decorator and these people spared NO expense decorating! They have been our good friends and they needed help... Imagine having a house-full of furniture, clothing and dishware in another country and no way of knowing how you were going to get it home! So a week and a half ago Papa Bear and I went to meet the movers and get things packed and ready to ship. Andrey, the husband, tells my husband there are things they don't need to be shipped over and we can take them if we want...
A complete Queen size bedroom set, complete with the mattress that you can jump on and the wine glass doesn't spill... Used for two months by a 15 yr old!

The bedding was included and a TV/DVD combo...a seven drawer dresser with cabinet...

And a three drawer night stand..

We also were given the lamp sets but only kept two.

I have been wanting, no...needing, new pots and pans but didn't want to invest more money in a good set. Well, they had an entire set of new... Yes, NEW Cuisinart pots and pans that were not needed and they gave those to me as well! I was beyond excited!

That's a portion. The rest are in the dishwasher. I am LOVING using these. They work so good and I wonder now how I made it all these years without them!

I also was given a new pasta pot! I love, love, love Italian food and was thrilled to get this. And like pretty much everything else it was new and unused!

We got two new restroom shelfs. One in white and one in silver.

A little out of order but these are Lena's lamps. Well just a pic of one...with my phone so it's not the best quality.

The base is a really pretty oiled bronze.

I've been wanting to change up my mantle for quite a while and they didn't want mantle clock so it gave me the oportunity to change it up!

And there is so much more I haven't even tried to take pictures of. 2 DVD players, an electric lawnmower, lots of gardening supplies, an endless amount of hair straighteners and irons, more spa products and masks than I've ever seen in my life and practically brand new shoes with hardly any wear on the bottoms. The shoes were all handmade in Italy. There is even a brand new pair of Prada sandals.

When agrees to help them pack and make sure their belongings get to them safely we had NO idea they were going to give us all these things. We just wanted to help them out and take some stress off of their shoulders. In return we were blessed with so many unbelieveable freebies!

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