Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pasta & Bedset

When CC got her new bedset she gave Lena her old bed. So, for the last two weeks Lena's old mattress and boxsprings have been propped up against the wall in the living room wall! And Mr. Toby has been having a ball climbing up it and hanging on while it tips over on the couch! I was talking with my sister and she said our niece has been needing a bedroom set for her youngest daughter. Soooo..... Friday after work my sister and her daughter drove up and picked up the bedroom set. This was soooo hard for me. I remember when we bought this set for Lena. She was about three years old.

She always wanted me to lower the mirror so she could actually look into it. I never did. And she never got to. And now I feel terrible!
I remember putting her socks in the bottom drawer. The top drawer was for all her little things...markers, pens and pencils, books she was reading and notebook paper.
Her dresser.... I remember filling the drawers with her little girl clothes. And then when she started school filling it with new school clothes. It made me sad.. sad that she was growing up, sad that those cute pink, lace and ruffle clothes would no longer fill the drawers. And as she got older and reached new sizes in clothing and new styles of clothes, I remember getting out the old and piling in the new.

I know it looks messy. We were in the middle of unpacking and trying to find new places for her belongings until her new dresser and night stand arrive. They are much more modern, more contemporary. So I'm sad that I said goodbye to the cute wicker furniture I always wanted to paint white for her and never did. I'm sad that she is no longer in "little girl" furniture. I'm not ready for her to choose a grown-up bedset and decor. I'm sad that this is her last year to be a single a digit. I'm sad my baby is growing up...BUT... I'm so happy with the cute, wonderful, smart and caring girl she is becoming! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ok.... next subject!

Thursday night I wanted to cook a simple, fast dinner. Of course I made one from new Skinny Italian cookbook, I just added my own spin on it. I had made this earlier in the week and everyone LOVED it. Papa Bear asked me if I really made the alfredo sauce myself.... it was that good! But...while I was getting things ready we heard some strange noises and saw the paper bag moving and....... look who was inside!!!

Toby is such a wild and crazy cat. But so loveable..... and so full of shedding hair! My allergies are NOT loving this!

Back to dinner...I went to Greenfields Market to get a few fresh ingredients that I needed and found this pasta. It looked so good and only took three minutes to cook.. I thought I'd give it a try!

It was great! So glad I found it!
Next I sauteed my onion and fresh garlic in olive oil.
While the pasta was boiling and the onion and garlic sauteeing (is that a word) I rinsed my fresh spinach. I learned the best way to dry it is shake and sit since spinach bruises easily.

Once the onion and garlic was transparent I dumped in my spinach and added a little salt.
When the spinach was soft (and that doesn't take long) I added my cream, a bit more salt and about a fourth cup of freshly grated Romano cheese. The cheese makes ALL the difference! I swear!
After the cream mixture started to boil I added my drained pasta...
This dish was soooooo good!! It took a total of about ten minutes to make and everyone loved it! I am so happy I found a healthy book with great recipes that we all love! And honestly, I can feel and see the difference. Lena has lost weight, Emil is looking better, CC is always skinny, so there is no change there and me... well I looked at a picture of me from a few months ago and let me tell you.... the change is OBVIOUS!!! I will try to post pictures...
Today we went to Homestead Handcraft's sidewalk sale. I found two great goodies that I will post about later. And we are making sushi tonight! Finally!!! This is my weekend.. how has yours been?



It can be very hard to let go of pieces of our children's past. This is my first visit to your blog and I so enjoyed my time here. Your pasta looks and sounds amazing. I'll be back as often as I can. Blessings...Mary



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