Saturday, May 15, 2010


When we were moving CC's new bedroom set into the house we propped up the head board agdint the fireplace. It has a slight "sleigh" shape to it, so I moved it around to keep it sturdier against the couch. BUT... When I moved it two large screws on both sides if the headboard were sticking out. I told the girls over and over to be careful and watch out and if possible, just avoid that side of the living room altogether. Well... I was heading to the grocery store in a rush to beat the 5 o'clock traffic .... and....

I cut myself real good! Suprisingly I didn't cry. I don't know how that is even possible. It was open so wide and such a long cut.
As soon as Papa Bear came home and after I finished cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen we went to the MedClinic. The doctor determined that it was not deep enough for stitches but would leave a big white scar! Nice!! Now today, 10 days later it's getting better and not as wide open.

My calf is not really that fat! I'm got it rested on the ottoman and it's spread out! The red lines around it is from the band-aid I wear constantly, which is probably why it hasn't healed all the way. So I had to a tetnus shot. Man it hurt!! Now I know why I let so many years pass before getting one. I wouldn't have gotten this shot if I hadn't hurt my leg! Just these past couple of days my arm has not been hurting.
Well... That's about it. I can't wait to post tomorrow about the wonderful dinner I made for us tonight.

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Ouch! I am skirming on my chair looking at your cut. I hope it gets better. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. When you get a chance go back and take a look at my giveaway, we added a new item. :)



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