Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of Changes! has been a while since I last posted. And I must admit it...I'm feeling guilty. Blogging is such a stress relief for me. It gives me time to think things through and often see things in a new light. Plus is gives me a few brief moments of "me" time...which is something that doesn't happen very often!

About a month or so ago CC bought a Betta. She had been asking for a pet for quite some time and we both thought that a Betta would be good for her. Plus they are so pretty! So we bought her a Betta and then I bought her this much bigger tank for him. His name is Bubbles.

We thought he needed some companions in his huge tank and she then purchased him three ghost shrimp and two tetras. One ghost shrimp in particular was very aggressive and quickly established what was her area of the tank. Her? Yes.... her....two of the three were pregnant! The biggest, meanest and most aggressive of the g.s. ate the smallest one in about two weeks. Then the middle one has her babies and died. The largest one remained. She had her babies and we watched her eat them! GROSS!! This morning we saw that she too passed away. We think she overate herself! Sierra's response...."Hallelujah!"

Bubbles is enjoying be the only fish in the tank again! Then Lena decided she too wanted a Betta. Fast forward two weeks and we are at Petsmart getting her a Betta. We found a lovely cat that we all fell in love with and wanted to bring home. But.... this trip was about Lena and her Betta. Say hello to Schatzi!
Lena liked that kitty so much at Petsmart and we took Mom to see him and she fell in love to. But to be honest, he was quiet expensive and I already have my Charlie and I didn't think it was right to bring another cat home.

Toby, that cat, was all Mom could think about and she talked and talked about how she wishes she had a nice cat to snuggle with.... Her Bella is a grouch and demanding and your typical Russian Blue. Plus, she had already tried to bring a kitten home and it ended up coming to my house because Bella would not tolerate it!

We went to Petsmart again last week to look at Toby and we knew the pet adoption people would be there and this way Lena could hold him at least... She had been begging me daily to take her so she could just touch him.... So we went and he played and played with us.. Lena wore him out! I saw two ladies come in and they were looking right at Toby....with boxes in their hands! Now, we were planning to buy him closer to Mothers Day for my mom...but this was crucial..! So I blurted out the words that would make everyone so happy....

"We'll take him!"

Please meet Toby!

As I said he was supposed to be for my mom. But once he came home with us he crawled on Papa Bears chest, snuggled up and went to sleep. That was it! It was the defining moment that guaranteed he was to stay with us. Emil is always so jealous of me and Charlies snuggling, so when Toby snuggled with him he fell in love!
We love his unique markings... he is so sweet and so very, very playful!
Once we got him home Lena really wanted him to be her cat since I have Charlie and CC has Luigi... but Toby kinda claimed CC and her room as his!

Charlie is not too happy. They have each slapped each other a few times. At thier first meeting Toby walked up to Charlie to sniff him and Charlies hissed very nastily at Toby. So, their next meeting Toby ran up to Charlie, slapped him, hissed at him and chased him. Don't worry, Charlie still remains the king of the house...
But Toby has a best friend and ally.....
He and Luigi LOVE each other ... Luigi is always cleaning Toby and Toby gives him butterfly kisses....
And Luigi couldn't be happier!
I have been really wanting to change my blog design for some time. I looked and looked and nothing just struck me as something I couldn't live with out....until.... I stumbled upon Babbling Brookes Custom Blogs! She has the cutest blog designs.. and tons of free designs as well. Her custom blogs are amazingly priced. She just happened to be having a giveaway and I entered... Imagine my surprise when she contacted me to let me know I was the winner! "April was the winner of the April Blog Makeover!" Oh yes... I was so happy. I just haven't had time to sit down and pick out my design. I will be doing that this weekend!
There is so much more to tell you about... free bedroom set, Cuisinart pots and pans, tetnus shot.... oh yeah! But that will be another post another day. Today and tomorrow we are having beautiful weather in the 80's. Next week all week we will be in the 90's which really means around 100 for us! I'm going to enjoy this weather while I can....
What plans do you have for this weekend?



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