Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I planned to do this post Sunday night or Monday, but as usual, things get pushed to the side.
Saturday morning we woke up a little later than usual. (I was up at 5 am but everyone else woke up around 11.) So Papa Bear decided he wanted Mission Cafe. You can read my previous post on this restaurant. Now I remember why I warned everyone to stay away! I placed my order and drove thru to pick it up. The girl over the intercom asked me if I wanted chips and queso when I ordered cheese nachos. I told her no... I want cheese nachos. Now, my first experience at Mission Cafe wasn't a good one and I vowed to never go back but Emil wanted to give them another try a couple of weeks ago and the nachos were half decent...almost good! So I KNEW what I was asking for when I ordered my Queso Nachos. I get home and open my box and guess what I have...chips and queso. What is the difference? Chips and queso are just that... Chips and a little styrofoam cup with movie theatre cheese. Queso nachos on the other hand are nacho chips with refried beans and salsa mixed in with the queso on top. So I knew what I ordered and I knew they got it wrong. I drove back thru and they made me wait a super long time. When they finally answered I informed them of their mistake and that I had to clarify to the order taker what I wanted and they STILL got it wrong. They told me no... They gave me queso nachos but they put the cheese on the side so the chips don't get soggy... Ok. Well where were the beans? And why did my husbands nachos have queso on top? Their answer... Well that's different. I said.. No not different, you made a mistake are you going to fix it. She said drive to the window and I will pour the cheese on top of the chips for you! Can you imagine this! I told them no thanks I just want my money back. Their response... Sorry, we can't do that!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? I argued more... I can pour my queso on top but where are the beans where is the salsa? Finally, they agreed to make me queso nachos. Really? I have to pay for this kind if service? Unbelievable!
After that whole mess CC and I headed to Homestead Handcrafts for their sidewalk sale. There were lots of cute things. I picked up two I am pretty happy with. ( That will be another post.) and these are the only two pics I took. I got so caught up in looking I forgot to snap a few photos!

These bird houses were the first thing I saw and can you believe I didn't even buy one?!?!?

I don't even remember taking this photo. It must have been a mistake but now I wish I would have gotten that corn thingy. It looks interesting.
After Homestead we went to HEB and bought groceries. We wanted to make sushi. And Toby wanted to help....

Help eat the tuna and salmon that is...
So this is what Papa Bear prepared for us.

And this....

My Papa Bear is so good at this already.

Toby was poopped out from all the fish!

Sunday we visited Mom and went to Wal-Mart. Nothing too exciting. Monday back at work... Definately NOT exciting!! But I'm off next Monday and Tuesday. Thank goodness!!

Other news, I'm happy Lee won American Idol. I'm not gonna lie, I really liked Crystal but I am happy for Lee! And it was soooooo sooooooo soooooo very exciting to see Brett Michaels singing "Every Rose Has It's Thorn!" Oh my goodness that was great!! And. I'm sad to see Simon go. I don't think the show will be the same with out him!

Gotta go now. My pillow awaits me. And unfortunately, so does the bank tomorrow morning!

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