Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy and Daughter day...

I'm trying so hard to catch up on my postings! I intended to do this one yesterday, but I was hardly even at home.
Last Saturday Lena and I decided to spend the day together just doing things we wanted to do. The night before I took CC to see the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie so it was now Lena's turn. We started off our day at Barnes and Noble. We knew we wanted haircuts so we browsed through magazines until we each found a cut that we liked. Next up was le Madeleine...

Anytime Lena and I do a girls day out she picks le Madeleine. It's her favorite place to eat!

Lena ordered her favorite... Meditterian flatbread and a mini fruit tart.

I wanted to try something different and ordered the Chicken Friand.

It was this amazing flaky crust stuffed with chicken breast and mushrooms and served with a mushroom cream sauce.

Oh! My! Word! It was so delicious! Of course I had to finish off with my favorite... Tiramisu tart...

After lunch we headed to the salon to get our haircuts. We had our haircuts picked out and were ready to go! I think in the end we both ended up ALOT shorter than either one of us intended!!

My hair is so short I can hardly make a ponytail! But I know in a couple of weeks it will be perfect. But I do have to style it every morning... And when I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. it's not fun at all!! But I LOVE Lena's hair. I told Mom it looks like a flapper style haircut!
Next we went to Petsmart to see Toby. Lena informed me if I didn't take her she wouldn't speak to me until she got to hold him. Well, she got better than that... She got to bring him home!!
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Sweet Bee Cottage

I adore Lena's new haircut! So cute and fresh!

Your lunch looks so delicious. What a nice Mom and daughter time!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home

What a lovely day! Sweet post!

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